Does Google hire Nurses??

  1. google was featured as an employer on oprah ( i think) as a great place to work. they treat their employees wonderfully. free gourmet style food at their many cafeteria's, free onsite employee gym.
    everyone seemed relaxed and friendly to each other. they said they get over 1300 resume's a day! it looked like heaven, sigh...

    i want to work there!!! i wonder how many occupational nurses they need? anyone else see this? i always wondered what "other" people did for a living... oh well.
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    Lol, I thought the same thing!
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    A lot of major cooperations have on sight health centers where workers can get physicals, routine test, minor injury and illness care and can be referred to local hospitals and clinics by an LPN or RN and a cosulting doctor oversees things.