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  1. by   lindarn
    I will once again repeat myself on this issue, First, and foremost, like it or not, nursing need to UNIONIZE ENMASSE, to be able to speak with a unified voice for ourselves, and our profession. Spare me the, "I can speak for myself, and I prefer to deal with management my own way, blah, blah, blah". Ad Nauseaum.

    What, exactly have you as one person accomplished with all of your self meetings with administration? Is your salary and benefits, measuably better than your co-workers are? Are your working conditions any better than your co-workers are? Can you refuse another patient if you believe that your patient load is too high? Or are your afraid to utilize any of this, because you know in your heart, if you speak up like you want/need to, you will be out of a job?

    Spare me the martyr mary anecdotes, that amount to nothing.

    Nursing needs to immediately start billing for our professional services. LIke ALL OF THE OTHER HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS DO!!

    I will also say again, that as long as nursings' professional practice is rolled into the room rate, housekeeping, and the complimentary roll of toilet paper, we will always be seen on the negative side of the balance sheet. Our professional services are not money makers for the hospital (or so they telll us), and we have no worth. We are not allowed to bill for our services, so that we can prove our worth.

    Next time you are told that your patient gave you negative remarks on the Press Gainey nonsense, ask the hospital, if you are so unimportant, why are they asking the patient to rate the, "customer service provided them"? Do they ask the patients about the housekeeper? Probably not. But they ask about the quality of the nursing care provided.

    If you are that unimportant, that these stupid surveys are going to be used for hospital reimbursement, why are nurses on the bottom of the food chain? I would think, that a service that is going to make or break a hospital financially, would be provided with everything that they need to allow the hospital to score as high as possible. You might try to point this out at your next contract negotations. I don't believe that any of the CEOs, administrators, etc, contribute anything to positive patient outcomes, and they seem to get the bulk of financial compensation. Why is that??

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
  2. by   LadyFree28
    I totally understand your "two cents." Now that you are done venting, are YOU going to start the petition???

    If you are pertaining to my post, I'm not attempting to be a "martyr Mary" however, the way I (and I can only speak for myself) have dictated my nursing career have been satisfied. If no one else will be in my side when I ask about salaries, and want to change our livelihood, then I can it DO what I can do..again, I ask, ARE YOU STARTING THE PETITION???? If not, you sound very hollow about how I handle MY career. Talk to me about what I do when YOU ARE READY to start a MOVEMENT. You have NO IDEA how active I am in improving nurse salaries...behind this screen name is a person who IS TRYING to change the profession. If YOU are ready, then LET'S GO!!!

    And fir proposing for billing services, I get billed for my services...I have my own contracting business. We do get billed, IMO...should we get billed more??? ABSOLUTELY.