Does anyone get this journal?

  1. Hi everyone

    Does anyone on this board get the Australian Nursing Journal?

    Apparently the survey is mentioned in it (I noticed the number of nurses from Australia who completed our survey today shot up!).

    Just wondering if someone could post the snippet of news.

    Best regards

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  3. by   shay
    Sorry, Ray....never heard of it .
  4. by   cloudydrms
    I don't get the Australian Nursing Journal, but I do know that it contains a wealth of great information. While working on a paper for an English class, I came upon it many times as a source for my thesis. Seems to me like it was a good combo of layman info/research. I liked it.

    Just my very humble opinion,
  5. by   prmenrs
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  6. by   prmenrs
    You might try a library @ a University College of Medicine--or a School/College of Nursing. If they don't have it, they could probably get it--and might be able to help you with a "lit search" to find the articles you want. If you don't live near a big University w/a School of Medicine, go to the main Public Library in your town, and see if they can help.

    Good Luck.
  7. by   Ray Irving
    Thank you everyone for help - I appreciate it. I have found the journal's website at:

    So I will contact the Editor!

    Best regards

  8. by   OrthoNutter
    Ahhh...didn't see your last message Ray. Ignore the PM I sent because you'll probably have the info from the editor before I can get my hands on it at work on Thursday.
  9. by   Ray Irving
    Hi OrthoNutter

    If I don't hear back from the Editor could you post it here anyway?

    I've emailed a few Editors to advertise the survey and as a "breed" they do not appear to have got much of a hang of the reply button.

    It would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  10. by   MollyJ
    Ray, Try

    This is the website for the cumulative index to nursing & allied health lit. If they index that journal you may be able to request an article from it--for a cost and if it is the current issue, it may not yet be indexed.
  11. by   Ray Irving
    Thanks MollyJ

    It is the current issue - out 1 July apparently - but I will also try Cinahl.

    If anyone viewing this thread has a copy to hand I would be really interested.

    We have had the survey completed by loads of nurses from Australia. That's great news for us, as the more respondents we get, the surer we can be that we are developing free online courses that best meet the needs of nurses.

    Thanks again.