Does anyone else work in a haunted facility?

  1. Alot of you may not belive in ghosts or spirits, but I for one do!

    Anyways, in my facility there has been things happening. Things move by themselves, alarms and call bells go off for no reason especially after some one dies.

    Once I was putting a psych resident to bed and she was talking about her mom all day, and I kinda blurted out "where is she?" and she pointer over towards her sink then a cup, a bottle of lotion and a bottle of peri wash fell on the floor. I nearly pissed myself!

    Another thing that happened was one of the residents passed away and like an hour after the body was taken one of the door alarms went off in the front lobby. I checked it and turned it off and no one was there. Then soon the alarm right by the room where she passed away went off, so I shut that back off and then the signal light in that room where she died was on. I went in there to check it and no one was in there.

    Has anyone had expiriances like these? If so, please share them.
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  3. by   ancella marie
    I experienced some unusual happenings in our area(NICU) too- a former site for several private rooms alloted for MS patients.
    Unforgettable was when I was still new and I saw a fat woman walking towards the septic area which at that time was empty. I did not get scared but I was wondering who she is. When I shared this experience w/ my coworkers and described the woman and how she walked (she's limping) they all screamed and told me that it was one of the doctor who passed away due to CA, and who stayed in one of the rooms located where the NICU is right now. They informed me that this is one patient who up to the last minute don't want to die. And the day I saw her is very close to her death anniversary.
    This is not the only experience I had but hospital is a place where a lot of people die so what I usually do is offer a prayer for them that they may be at peace.
    Unbelievable? Yes, but it happens. For what reason? I am not that sure but what I give them in return is a sincere prayer w/ the hope that it could be of help. :wink2:
  4. by   Mama Val
    I worked in a retirement home in Colorado Springs that used to be a TB sanitarium/insane asylum 80 years or so ago. The home was actually 3 buildings that were connected by tunnels that could be used in the winter months. The tunnels were closed due to safety reasons and only the maintence workers used them. If you went down to the basement to get supplies then you could access the tunnels, one wall opened up into 2 tunnels each branching off to the other buildings. The tunnels used to be used to transport patients to and from their rooms to "treatments" and transport bodies of those that had died to the morgue area. They have a onsite cemetary, many, many old graves.
    It was said that if you went into the tunnels you could here the sounds of wheels moving over the floors and then feel a cold draft and then the sounds would fade away. Some people have been in the basement and heard people asking for help or asking for "nurse". Some have seen the ghost of one of the nurses that died from TB, dressed in one of the old long dresses walking along the outside porch.
    I have never seen a spirit but when I went downstairs I did feel the cold draft that everyone talks about (it goes right thru you), the tunnels have no vent system. And yeah I never went down there by myself after that.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    I work on an Oncology unit in the South.

    H!@# yes, the place is full of ghosts ...... especially the elevators!!!
  6. by   Roland
    facilities have more than their fair share of haunting activity (given that a considerable number of people "pass over" in these locations). In addition, consider what one must believe in order NOT to believe in ghosts (or at least a paranormal phenominum that acts very much like ghosts). Such a person must believe that EVERY report of a haunting over the entire history of mankind from the credible to the likely phony is false for one reason or another. That is to say if even ONE report of paranormal activity is legitimate then there must exist a reality above and beyond what science currently acknowledges. I've never had even one paranormal experience, but the logic of this argument is substancial, at least to me.
  7. by   JonRN
    We had a haunted bed once in the SICU where I worked, every pt we put in that bed died shortly afterwards no mattter how well they were doing. We had the Catholic Chaplain bless the bed, and the deaths stopped. Then we had a black pigeon that landed on the window sill and looked in at the pts who were on their way out. Every time we saw that pigeon look in, the pt died soon after that.

  8. by   MollyMo
    I was taking a break in an empty room. I was in the recliner. The lights were off and the door partially closed. I remember I sat in the recliner at 3:30 am. I dozed off. The next thing I know, I hear someone in the room, then feel a hand wrapped around my right wrist. I sat bolt upright. No one was in the room. There was no way they could have gotten out without me seeing somebody. I looked at the clock. It was 3:40. Just to make sure I came out and asked my coworkers had any of them come in the room. They had not. Same room different night. The automatic blood pressure cuff was alarming low pressure. The problem was the cuff wasn't on the patient's arm and I had changed the setting from automatic to manual. I checked the settings to make sure. It was still on manual. The cuff never should have inflated.
  9. by   Carebear54
    I worked in a retirement center there were 9 floors in the building and on the ninth floor there was a grand ballroom where dances were often held. There were no resident rooms on the 8th or 9th floor and the elevators were always locked except for staff we had keys. Well one day when my friend Casie and I were doing our rounds we heard a faint piano playing at first we didn't really think about it but as we got closer to the elevator the playing got louder, Ester the resident at the end of the hall asked us if we knew where it was coming from and asked if we could try to make it stop so she could sleep, so needless to say we checked the 8th floor but we knew the grandpiano was on the 9th floor but the residents were in bed and we knew it was someone who didn't belong. We took the elevator to the 9th floor but when we were almost there the elevator stoped we basiclly had to climb out of the elevator because it woldn't go all the way up. As soon as we got to the doors of the ballroom the music stoped then the chills started Casie and I grasped on to one another and such a horrible feeling came over us like all of our emotions had been taken from us neither of us could talk as we slowly walked backwards. thank god we did because just then the doors to the ballroom burst open with a rust of cold air we hit the floor shaking and just layed there for a while. When we finally got enough guts to get up we went downstairs were the cameras are. The cameras in the ballroom showed the keys on the piano moving and than a glowing figure rushed to the doors and opened them quickly as if we had desturbed the playing and the spirit knew that we were there

    Later our boss told us about the lady that always used to play the piano in that ballroom but noone had ever come in contact like we did we surprised her and ourselves
  10. by   renerian
    I believe in

  11. by   debyan
    wow carebear, what an experience I worked in a old TB sanitarium in Ohio this one had tunnels to different buildings also like mama Val's. It was at least 80 yrs old when I worked there, they shut it down 10 years ago. There were many people who saw "things" or felt "cold spots" I thought it funny until one day I saw someone in a white uniform go out onto the balcony by the nurses station when I was working 11-7 I went to see who it was and there was no one there. Gave me the chills. deb
  12. by   shannonRN
    now that i have goosebumps:uhoh21: i definately believe in ghosts! there have been a couple of threads on this topic....for those interested, i would suggest doing a search.
  13. by   shannonRN
  14. by   tattooednursie
    Thanks shannon! I love hospital ghost stories.