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I lately went to the doctor and as of my visit the doctor was a bit too assertive in giving me his opinion on my life. I know with any illness a doctor should ask general questions to form an... Read More

  1. by   nurseangel47
    This was truly unprofessional, yes, even ignorant, behavior as others here have posted. I, too, would be in the business of doctor shopping as soon as I needed to after the busy-ness of the holiday season is over.
    How dare he inflict his own personal views of jewlery wear, your body proportions and assumptions that he made in other aspects of your appearance and even personal religious convictions!
    I would not pay the bill, either. I agree 100 percent with all of the above posts in reply to your original questions.
    Merry Christmas and don't give that "doc" another thought. He is out of line in his treatment/assumptions/behaviors towards you.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]the earring thing was bad enough -- the prayer thing was totally inappropriate!

    as far as paying the doctor -- sounds like you already did. if you went in for something specific such as a prescription for antibiotics or whatever and you got that, it's appropriate that the doctor be paid. but i certainly would not return, and i write the guy a letter detailing exactly why. i probably wouldn't report him to the board -- i hate to cause problems for people. if i did decide to report him, i'd make sure that he knew why i was upset first -- i wouldn't want the first notice he got that there was a problem to be when the medical board contacted him about a complaint.

    i've fired a few doctors over the years; one because either he or his partner (they were identical twins) put his arm around me and looked down my shirt. i had asked for directions out of the maze that was their office space, and instead of just saying "end of the hall, turn left then right", he put his arm around me and escorted me out of the office, looking down my shirt the whole time. i was too shocked to say anything right then and there, but when i got home wrote him a letter telling him exactly why i wouldn't be returning as a patient.