Do you use a venoscope?

  1. Does anyone use a venoscope on a regular basis?
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  3. by   CaLLaCoDe
    [font=book antiqua]yes, we have 3 venoscopes on the floor. this thing really comes in handy when your having trouble finding good veins, especially on the upper arm or shoulder/clavical area...turn all the lights off in the room strap on the scope with the velcro straps and even be able to start the iv in the dark, makes starting a virtually impossible iv possible; it's really an amazing invention!
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  4. by   MackNJacks mom
    We have one for our floor. I love that thing. Really helps. :spin:
  5. by   AfloydRN
    We have one, usually can't find it when we need it. I didn't find it all that helpful.
  6. by   amy
    Any idea of the approximate cost or the companies that produce them?
  7. by   beachmom
    This web site sells them for $175 and has good instructions on how to use them. Has anyone used them? Do they really help?

    If it helps, it would be worth the money. I stink at IV's. I just now got a LED light and shined it on my own veins. It lit up only the veins I can already see. Of course, I only used the one LED. I think it said the venoscope had six.
  8. by   Mommy TeleRN
    good question beach mom.. I'd be willing to invest $175 to have my own piece of equipment if it really did work. I'm not a nurse yet and to be honest haven't even had a chance to start an IV in clinical yet (and I grad in May!) but this is a skill I really desire to become proficient at. We have mostly elderly pt on the floor I work and poor dears get stuck so many times because it's hard to get a good vein
  9. by   MackNJacks mom
    I wouldn't recommend using your own money. IV starts are just something you do and only get better with practice. For me it depends on the kid as to whether I use it or not. If it is a big, well hydrated kid I usually don't use it. But if your patient has been vomiting all day it usually comes in handy to see more clearly if the vein is straight. Sometimes I start IVs by feeling the vein and nothing else. Practice, practice, practice.