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I work part time because I think it is healthier than working full time as a nurse because even if you are a great nurse, you are exposed to stress everyday. Do you agree?... Read More

  1. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I've been working full time hours for 28 yrs. I think that many don't care for the profession and work the least they can and that many are also afraid of the working conditions because they feel that they are going to get hurt on the job. I say this because the part timers I talk to truly are afraid of contracting an illness or just getting physically hurt on the job.

    Recently a friend of mine walked into her patient's room and slipped on the floor because a dialysis machine was leaking water and she didn't notice it. The dialysis Nurse also was out of the room. This took place in the ICU. All I can say is she is off of workman's comp with 3 bulging discs and lots of pain. She went to part time because any more than that and she couldn't work at all.
  2. by   bunnybeaner
    EEP! You guys are scaring me! I just need to have faith as I go into my clinicals that conditions for nurses will consistently improve, because some of the experiences you seasoned nurses have had are just unfair. Maybe I should stop reading threads on this site...
  3. by   delta32
    I do believe nursing is unhealthy for mind, body, and soul. For the mind aspect I have difficulty forgetting watching people suffer, telling loved ones that they died. It makes me feel sad and depressed to know how things may end all the time. The saying Ignorence is bliss was right. I would rather not know what i know now. I think soul would fit here as well. From all the death around me I feel Dark all the time and I lash out quite abit. It work you would never know, I am kinda, cheerful, and friendly. When I am alone I am very bitter and Angry. I have lost any faith That i may have had left after my parents both passed before I was 10. I don't recall Happy events in the unit. it was nice if one made it out but never special. As for body, At the age of 25 I have had Laminectomy from disc issues from lifting, bending, etc. that have left me unable to work as a floor nurse at this time. My family is suffering from it because we don't have my income anymore. I have applied for a case managers postion that i truley want so that I may return to work again. The herniations in my back went down into the spinal column and affect the nerves in my Right leg. I fell alot and could not step off a curb with out falling due to no sensation in my foot, with no nerve impulses the foot really does not funtion to well. Its just like when your leg falls asleep and you try to walk on it but the burning pain and numbness doesn't leave.

  4. by   ginger58
    [QUOTE=studentnurseinmd;2030726]Well, contrary to most statements above, I do NOT think Nursing is the most unhealthy profession out there. I mean, I just graduated my RN program,
    So, enough pessimism about our health!!! Join a gym or take a yoga class. Better yet, stop smoking!

    Your rose colored glasses were given to you on graduation I bet!! Write back in about five years or when you've been at it for a few I'd really like to hear what you have to say.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    It's been ok for me. BUt then I only work perdiem and have learned not to take my job home with me, to help keep me emotionally balanced. I agree also, bariatric patients are taking their toll----really tough to move and lift folks on this 5 foot 2 smallish frame. And help is not always so readily available, which is discouraging as well. We do our best however, to team up and help each other out. I still love being a nurse, however. Yes I do.

    After 10 years, no regrets really.

    But that is not to say, it's not been hard on me physicially and emotionally. Would I do it over again? Probably. But what I find most discouraging about nursing is, I seem to have less and less time to spend on patient care as I am spending much more time on paperwork, charting and other activities to please state and national agencies and the lawyers. THAT I find the most discouraging and perhaps, unhealthy of all.
  6. by   Kashia
    Very, but then the medical system is unhealthy.
    In an ideal world hospitals would be wellness focused where health was considered to be more than the mere absence of symptoms and disease. Every aspect I see in hospitals is unhealthy
    stress, food, air quality, toxic cleaning products used by housekeeping, the list could be long-and of course this promotes a lower consciousness regarding what "health" even means.
    Nursing- for me - has been one of the most stressful experiences for me body mind and soul.Why I left med surg and turned to home care.
  7. by   JeannieT
    I have never been more tired than nursing school clinicals.
    I then thought I would adjust but after being on the floor, every nurse I've worked with has told me, "there wasn't a day that went by, where I didn't think about quitting in my first year as a nurse on the floor."
    I agree entirely !

    I've had 25 years of experience doing other jobs and nothing holds a candle to nursing in the TOTAL EXHAUSTION department.

  8. by   Keepstanding
    Stress and physical unhealthiness runs in all areas of nursing.
    I am a school nurse and I have been experiencing the worse stress of my career.........and that includes my times as a hospital nurse, long term care and physician office. It happens to the best of us.
  9. by   neneRN
    No, I don't think that nursing is particularly unhealthy....I've been doing it for almost six years, and for the first 4 worked an extra 12 hour shift every week. This is in an ER that sees >130,000 pts/yr. Maybe it depends on personality type? I just don't stress over much, but when I get do get stressed, I vent for a few minutes and then I'm over it. Sometimes I eat like crap at work, sometimes I eat healthy...but that's what I do at home too. I get four days off every week. I don't take it home with me. I have two incredible nurse managers. Will I feel differently in 20 years when my body has changed? I'm sure I will...that's why I'm taking the steps now with further education and a new position that has taken me a LITTLE farther away from total bedside care. Its sad to me that so many feel its nursing that is unhealthy...if I'm living an unhealthy lifestyle, then I'M THE ONE making those choices.
  10. by   notaclue
    Can be unhealthy
  11. by   deehaverrn
    Just wanted to comment that sometimes the working conditions wear you down, and as you get older, your body can't take the abuse it could years earlier. As I mentioned previously, I don't smoke or drink, and before I hurt my back (as my pain management doc says..its a mess back there) I ate and exercised more regularly. Once you get involved with the whole worker's comp. fiasco, it just is hopeless. I have too much seniority to want to leave, plus who wants to hire a nurse who is so physically restricted. Presently, I sleep only 3-4 hours at a time due to the pain. After working only a four hour shift, I can bearly walk and am at an 8.5 on the pain scale. This has been going on for over a year, and it is a direct result of NURSING, and not of an unhealthy lifestyle otherwise. I do think that it makes a HUGE difference if you have good management. Mine sucks! (I hate to use that term but it fits exactly). My nurse manager testified in court that she adjusts my assignments to meet my needs based on discussions with me,,which is so absolutely untrue..she consistently assigns me to an ob "emergency" area, which is very diifficult for me physically and puts added mental stress on me because of how unsafe I feel it is--for myself and the patients. She also testified that when I do need help, all I need to do is ask because someone is always immediately available. NOW do any of you work somewhere where that is true? Also, since she has badmouthed me to my coworkers, some of them give me total attitude and complain about having to pick up the slack. Nursing leadership has largely failed us, and I really blame them for the present poor working conditions that so many nurses share. The real shame is that I like helping my patients and feel that I could do a good job if my workload was truly adjusted to my capabilities.
  12. by   Medic2RN
    Other types of work are also both physically and emotionally stressful. In fact, I have read that some of the most dangerous, stressful involve factory, assembly line work. Of course, there are the obvious choices such as fire-fighting, police work, military service, fisherman, etc.
    Funny. Prior to nursing, I was a firefighter for 9 years. It was a lot less stressful than being a floor nurse! If I could go back to that, I would in a heartbeat!
  13. by   ogerpus
    Though am not a nruse yet...heck I'm not even in nursing school yet...I have an opinion...yeaaaaahhhh. From the outside looking in it appears to be a healthy job. I am leaving law enforcement to go into nursing because I have realized that law enforcement in caustic to my mind and body. I was in a position where I was always trying to figure out how to attack the criminal element. I believe looking for ways to help people will be way more beneficial to my mindset. Looking for the good, rather than always focusing on the bad seems like a good start....