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  1. by   Agnus
    oops, sorry. Please, forgive me. I answered that without checking back to exactly what or who said it. I had just gotten off and 18 hr. shift. (that in itself was a dumb thing for me to pull).

    There are times I should be kept away from e mail and bulletin boards and this was certainly one of them. I need to install a program that will zap me at such times. Someday someone will invent one.
  2. by   dachsygirl3
    I to took the boards when it took 2 days of pure anxiety. But was in the first group nationaly to take the new nclex on paper. I was so disappointed in my RN boards. I thought they didn't even come close to measuring knowledge,(there were more ?? on O.B. pts as related to psyc. situations than anything.) I took my Rn boards in the dark ages, 1982, in a room full of people in IL. I graduated with a nurse who was so incompetent it wasn't funny & in no way would I ever want her taking care of one of my family mambers, but she was able to take the test. She was only minmally able to pass, but does this make her competent. I think not. And I was an LPN for 6 yrs. prior to that, & a CNA for 3 yrs. prior to that, As a matter of fact I started as a candy stripper in HS back before the days of electric beds & AC. What I am tryong to say is it takes alot of exp. to make a good nurse & when I stop caring about my pts. I will get out of nsg.