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Do you prefer day or night shift and why? Is it more difficult for a GN to get hired for night shift?... Read More

  1. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from Sunny01
    I love night shift because most of the time everything is slower. I am not a person that seeks chaos and therefore I look for environments that are quiter and suit me better. For some nurses night shift is just boring and they hate it. For me it means having enough time to do things right and less stress. I am also a night person to begin with, have no problems sleeping during the day and functioning during the night.
    Anyone have kids working night shift?
    I like night shift because it is quiet. i
    I like night shift because it is quiet. I like night shift because all bosses and want to be bosses are not there. I like night because because I get to assess my patients without doctors, social workers, PTs, OTs, RTs, and family members interuptions.I like night because I get 6200 hundred dollars more. I like night shift because I get to spend my days with my family.
  4. by   SteveNNP
    I worked nights for 11/2 years, then came to days 2 months ago. I like being able to sleep at night, even if I stay up too late and still have to get up early. I like being able to grab a neonatologist if I need them without having to wake them up at home. I like having the resources (ST/OT/PT, nutrition) of day shift. However, I'm still a night shifter at heart, and will be going back to nights at a new hospital when I start my NNP this fall. I'll be doing school 2 days a week, and 3 night shifts of work a week. (Crazy, I know....)

    I love nights because:
    -The crew is great... we all work together and help each other out.
    -It is quieter, calmer (sometimes;.P) with less family around.
    -Better pay (6-7k/yr)
    -I'm a natural night owl...(ever shop at walmart at 3am?)
    -I HATE getting up at 5am!!!!!
    -No one stealing your charts, or messing with your babies when you aren't looking
    -No management, or management wannabes.
    -Time for conversation/camaraderie with you coworkers.
    -Time to better care for my patients... baths, feedings, playing "dress up" with new clothes mom brought in, etc... (still an ICU)

    Love nights!.....and will probably work them until I get married/have kids.

  5. by   NurseyPoo
    I love nights! The staff are more cohesive, no management breathing down your neck, better pay, less activity....No alarm clock screaming in your ear at 0500!!! Oh and the food is awesome...we usually plan ahead and all bring in food to share! I have black out shades in my bedroom, unplug the phone, put on the fan for white noise and snuggle with the dogs.
  6. by   Athenas83
    I was thinking about it, and I think I may like nights when I start working as a nurse. Three 12s three nights a week might be pretty sweet.
  7. by   ElvishDNP
    Quote from lizzyette
    Anyone have kids working night shift?
    I know a lot of people who have kids & work nights. Matter of fact, that's why most of them are on nights to begin with. I work Fri & Sat nights so dh & ds hang out while I'm sleeping. It works great. The folks I know who work during the week get home, get the kids to school, go to bed, & wake up in time to meet them @ the bus stop or pick them up from school. (Usually go back to bed later that night if working 11p-7a.) I couldn't work every night & take care of my son during the day....I know people who do that too but not this chick. Need my z's.
  8. by   currentlytx
    Quote from puglie
    I work the graveyard shift . I dont like it for sleeping purposes because I work every other week. I work this shift because I dont want to work with the bosses, the people who want to be boss, the people who think they are the boss , the people who wish they were the boss, the doctors, the nurses who think they are doctors, the doctors who want to be any place else but where he/she is, the doctors that I cant understand because of heavy accents and then get angry because I cant understand them, the family members (no explination there) and all the people who are only there because they have terrible home lives, never leave the building and are miserable. Thats why I work nights and I LOVE IT !!!
    I have been working nights for 10 years now. I started because I moved and needed a job and that was what was open. I get tired, yes. I get crabby yes. But I also did on days too. I am sure I was more tired working days for the very reasons you listed above rather than the different sleep schedule! You adjust and it is ALL a trade off!
  9. by   JmarLPN
    I prefer Noc shift for sure! I feel closer to the people I work with and the residents. I have more time to do more things with the patients. We do not just eat and talk, whoever said that is very misinformed. At least not where I work! It gets VERY busy and stressful some nights, but we all do our best and help eachother. I like the fact that I dont have to pay anyone to baby-sit my son, and that I get to bring him to school, and pick him up. I get to be home and have dinner with my family and do homework with my son and tuck him in at night. I miss snuggling with my Husband during the night, but we make up for it the Nights I am off. If you have school aged children I would definately recommend this shift!!
  10. by   mt.serinity
    I work nights - 7 on and 7 off. This way when I am off, my wife and I can do whatever we want, such as travel. Additionally, working all my shifts in a row keeps me from needing to turn myself on and off of day shift hours when the rest of the world works. I work nights basically because "administration" tends to not understand sarcasm. I would much rather keep them out of my hair (what there is left).
  11. by   nghtfltguy
    Quote from desimae28
    I prefer Noc shift for sure! I feel closer to the people I work with and the residents. I have more time to do more things with the patients.
    could not have said it better myself!~~

  12. by   RNBelle
    i work nights. granted it screws me up some weeks when i am stuck working every other night. but the RNs i work with on nights are awesome and there is no BS to deal with. i actually dread it when i have kids and i have to switch to a more normal day shift job.
  13. by   leslie :-D
    omg, days, evenings, but never, EVER nocs.
    i can't function.
    i'm caught in the twilight zone.
    everything is upside down.
    i want my old life back.
    (can you tell i just started nocs?)