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  1. by   babynurselsa
    My worst was a lol with back pain. Chronic hx of the pain, hx of compression fx. Took darvocet, percocet, lortab, or whatever for it. Pain worse x2-3 days. Niece brought her in, We did ekg one her , sure enough showed AMI. She died on me before we could even get the enzymes back from lab. These by the way were through the roof
    It would have been easy to attribute her pain to her chronic condition. Initially we really thought that was going to be the case, BUT our docs liked to err on the side of caution and we would at least do an ekg.
    No we weren't able to save this patient.....maybe if she had some in several days earlier when she actually had the event............
    I have learned to make a practice of at least hooking up all patients on a monitor for at least a look see if there could be any chance they could be having the big one.