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how about it? my first cap was white cotton with a drawstring in the back. it sort of favored an old pioneer sunbonnet only without the large front part. the front was only about 1" wide. my... Read More

  1. by   fbmom
    Wow, I graduated way back in the day.
    I have a cap, pin and cape!

    My cap was a horror...needed to be starched by hand, then pasted on the fridge or a clean window until it dried.....peeled off very carefully and then a flap folded into the top, near the brim, carefully wetting it with a syringe of water...then you had to wet the string and carefully P.U.L.L the string and shape the cap how you wanted it!!! Praying all the while you didn't break the string!! Once pulled you kept it in an old candy tin or bowl so it would keep it's shape!!

    In school we had dark green velvet stripes attached to our caps with good old KY for each year. Our cape was dark green wool[which I was allergic to]!

    Didn't wear my cap much after grad, it got too soggy and limp, going in and out of croup tents........boy THAT really does show my age.
    I keep my pin in my jewelry box and my cape in the cedar closet.
    I worked so hard for that white cap and pin, I will probably keep it forever.
  2. by   aloha551
    Nice to hear from one of my cohorts.I remember croup tents. Our capes were navy blue and warm as toast during the cold Pennsylvania winters. Scrubs are so much easier to work inbut we lost something when we lost the mystique. Thanks for reminding me
  3. by   kittykris
    i have the nursing pin. its my school emblem with a pinholder that says bsn. i decided to go all out with my nursing pin instead of buying a class ring. i felt getting the pin best represented my accomplishment graduating than the ring did. (anyways it was cheaper hehe).
  4. by   franciscangypsy
    My cap is well... white... :chuckle with a snake shaped like an S with a sword through his center on one of the wings. I actually really like my cap and if I can get it on by myself, I'll probably want to wear it to work when I graduate.
    Haven't gotten my pin yet. If I make it through this last year of nursing school, I'll get it at graduation!
  5. by   ngbaseball
    We had pins but i didnt bother to get one
  6. by   Indy
    Pin, no cap, our school dropped caps sometime before I went there. My pin is almost an inch of octagon madness with the lamp over our school's funky logo. It looks like a startrek communicator thing from the next generation. I'd wear it though, 'cause I earned it, except that um. The pin part on the back just seems flimsy to me, and I don't want to lose it.
  7. by   ema79
    I had a pin. wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...but expensive! It had the school logo on it and a chain comming off of it that said RN.
  8. by   Templedoll
    Here in New Zealand for Registered Nurse we all have the same badge. It is blue and red consisting of a five pointed star with a red cross in the centre on a white background. This is surrounded in gold. The ouside is also gold. The design has not changed since the inception of nursing in New Zealand. It has the letter NZRN and Comprehensive on it which is on a bar above the star. This is in Blue with gold lettering. It has comprehensive written on it if you have completed mental health during your training. Within mental health nursing the badge is never worn as nurses wear civilian clothing. We do a three year course in New Zealand for a Bachelors Degree. We spend so many hours in clinical and the same on theory. It is an excellent course however I would like to have seen the last year spent in a hospital to gain more practical knowledge. Many new graduate nurses take up preceptorship programmes over here.
  9. by   LMoonRN
    At my school, we wear a cap and receive our pins at the "pinning Mass" which is a ceremony from the graduation ceremony with all the other majors. The cap is a basic old fashioned nurses cap and I do not know what the pin looks like yet. The cap is a relatively new comeback. In the past few years, students have voted that they would like to wear the traditional cap at their pinning Mass. I hope my class votes this way as well . I think the cap in combination with the traditional white nurses' dresses we have to wear look extremely professional. I personally wish that all institutions would institute some kind of dress code so that both staff and pts could distinguish the house keeper from the CNA from the RN etc. I'm not suggesting the full-on old fashioned nurse's cape, dress, and cap, as this would interfere in the more advance duties nurses have today and are not very practical, although they look great! I just want to know whos who without trying to find their name and title in tiny letters on their name badge.
  10. by   nursejenni08BSN
    Our nursing school pins were quite expensive so some of us opted to purchace pins at nursing supply stores... for me, the pin is important as a memory, not because of where I purchased it, but because of the ceramony where I was pinned by my nurse preceptor. It was really special for me and my preceptor felt honored as well having the opportunity to pin me and welcome me into the wonderful field of nursing.
  11. by   NurseExec
    We were required to wear a cap at our pinning ceremony, and that was the one and only time I wore won. A group of us "rebelled" and wore them so far down on the back of our heads they couldn't be seen in the pictures, LOL!

    I wore my pin, however, every single day I worked for the first 10 years of my career. All those years of hospital scrubs, and I never forgot to take it off, until I did. The laundry lost it, and I never replaced it.
  12. by   MorganO
    I had to buy my cap because there was no capping ceremony at my college but it was mandatory for work. I graduated in 1986 and it was the beginning of the end for caps...thankfully. I cannot count the number of times I had to peek into areas that would lend for the back of my cap to lift off my head and plop into body fluids. Are you kidding me??? Worried about the Dr's tie???
  13. by   ohioln
    I had a 14K gold pin that had the school insignia on it and a white cap. We haven't worn our caps and pins for years, but I still have them from RN,AD and BSN, also have the 2 school rings, one pearl with the cadusis on it, the other blue with BSN on one side and the school name on the other. I treasure them both. I worked hard for them.