Do you cross train to other units in your hospital?

  1. I work in a PACU and have started to cross-train to ambulatory care, due to management mandate. How do others feel about this type of cross-training?
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    I have voluntarily cross trained to other units, and have enjoyed the change of pace. But it was purely voluntary. It allowed me to be more employable when I was on a unit that had a wide variation in census. But due to low staffing, I haven't been floated to the areas recently - and those skills have gotten rusty. It is also a nice way to try other things.
  4. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    Most places I have worked had "pull partners" which meant that ICU's and CCU's can be "pulled" to ER and vice surg and rehab can be pulled back and forth, etc......but we were never trained to the "sister" units..fortunately the paperwork was is consistant.
  5. by   nicubabe
    Cross training has its pros and cons as with all things, but I think it's better to be trained in similar areas. I have worked in NICU for many years and used to get "pulled" to adult ICU, med-surg, etc. I was clueless about meds etc. but was expected to function as an RN. I was thrilled when we decided to become a closed unit. I don't get pulled anymore, but that also means when we get really busy we have to help ourselves so we now have mandatory on call days.
  6. by   live4today
    I cross-trained from an adult ortho surgery unit to Newborn Nursery and not by choice, either. Once in Newborn, I loved it, but longed for my old surgical patients.

    I also cross-trained from adult neuro head trauma to pediatrics...again NOT by choice, but once on peds, I loved it!

    I've worked in so many different aspects of inpatient nursing that I don't mind being cross-trained. The experience is good, the change of atmosphere and difference in patient care was good, and it made me a stronger nurse across the board. Cross-training can be a really good thing as long as the nurse being cross-trained is able to adapt to her/his new work environment.