Do you buy medical equipment for home use? - page 3

Just curious, do any of you nurses buy special medical equipment (ie patient monitors, iv pumps etc) for use at home and use it on yourself/family members?... Read More

  1. by   Elfriede
    Quote from klone
    Why on earth would you want to buy an IV pump for HOME USE?
    To get a dear one out of the hospital to stay the last days/weeks/months at home !!!
  2. by   artifex
    Quote from der_kerl
    I bought a functioning AED off ebay last year and am quite happy with the purchase.
    Am I the only one who thinks "shocked someone with an AED they bought off eBay and never had serviced" sounds like a malpractice suit waiting to happen?

    But I guess if you have a lot of money and you enjoy spending it on medical equipment you'll never use...