Do they have CNA's in Canada?

  1. Hi, does anyone know if, specifically in Ontario, they have certified nurses aides?

    I haven't seen any training information, nor any job listings for a position like that around here. If the 'position' exists but they are called something different here, what are they called? I am originally from the States.

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  3. by   disher
    Natalieboo, I am not really sure what American CNAs are equivilant to compared to Ontario healthcare providers but hopefully you can figure where CNAs fit from the description below.
    Ontario has RNs and RPNs(registered practical nurses) and unregulated healthcare workers (aides SOME who have a certificate). RNs and RPNs have college education, have completed an exam and are registered with the college of nurses of Ontario. See website for registration information
    Unregulated worker's are often employed as personal attendants in the community and can do basic physical care. As far as I can see there is work for all types of healthcare providers.
  4. by   adrienurse
    I live in Manitoba, not Ontario, but we have the equivalent to cnas.

    For some reason here, there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency over what they are called. They do not have a regulated body -- so that probably explains why. Unless they choose to specialize aides here take an average of 3 months full time training plus on the job preceptorship.

    I have heard them called Health Care Aides (HCA), Nurses Aides (NA + NAII), Unit Assistants (UA), Resident Assistants (RAs), Personal Care Attendants (PCAs). You may want to enquire about those titles.
  5. by   Natalieboo
    Thank you so much for the information! Do you think if I called the HR department of a hospital and asked them about that, they would be able to recommend places that train these positions or certify them? Thanks so much!!
  6. by   nurseman
    Some hospitals (how many I can't say) train their own non-regulated workers.
    If they want "certified Positions" you could try a community college. As for becoming an RPN you need to go to college or if you have gone arlready then get in touch with the CNO (see disher's post) to see if you can take the exam or need upgrading.

    The college I went to has as courses for both.
  7. by   disher
    Natilieboo, the HR department of a hospital is not likely to be helpful(HR personal don't really know where nurses train). The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) lists approved nursing programs for RNs and RPNS in Ontario, look under approved nursing programs in the link above.