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By this I mean we are always percieved to be the self sacrificing gentle voice of reason, who never needs time to themselves or breaks and never gets mad at anything. And is not SUPPOSED to get upset... Read More

  1. by   cannoli
    Quote from warrior woman
    Anyone else out there need to vent?? It'll make you feel tons better.
    I could vent plenty, particularly about the fact that you're not supposed to vent, even when all hell is breaking lose. Sometimes I just can't help it, I wish I could (help it).
  2. by   jnette
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    Of course not........because today's health care is NOT about the nurse, and it's NOT about the patient. It's about making $$$$ for the multi-millionaire CEOs of health insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes and so on. Health care started going downhill when the business interests got into it and saw how much money there was to be made in it.......and we're at the mercy of these interests because EVERYBODY needs health care.

    It will take nothing less than a complete overhaul in the way America does business to accomplish real health care reform. I don't see that happening in my lifetime.......and I pray every day that whatever malady may someday befall me finishes me off quickly, because I fear being old and sick in this country, far worse than death. :stone

    Marla said it best. She's got it down. Can't add a thing other than sad, but true. :stone
  3. by   warrior woman
    It's just so damn sad that we must suck it up all the time and take it, for fear of making people mad. Then people wonder why there's such a high burnout rate for nursing.
  4. by   roxannekkb
    Quote from warrior woman
    It's just so damn sad that we must suck it up all the time and take it, for fear of making people mad. Then people wonder why there's such a high burnout rate for nursing.
    That is where you are wrong. Nurses don't have to suck it up all the time, and if enough nurses stood up for themselves and refused to take it, things would start to change.

    Respect for nurses is not going to appear by magic, nurses have to insist on it and settle for nothing less. There was a thread or two on here recently about nurses taking out the trash, and incredibly, many nurses did not see it as a problem. That they ended up taking out the trash because the hospital refused to hire more housekeeping. Some nurses were also cleaning the bathroom after their patient showered. Is that how you get respect from hospital administration, by agreeing to take on housekeeping chores? Don't nurses have enough to do?

    Nursing burnout is primarily caused by the "good nurse" syndrome, the martyr who wants to make everyone happy. The nurse who takes an unsafe assignment, who doesn't insist on getting paid overtime for missed breaks, insist on getting paid overtime every time she can't get out on time, who allows doctor abuse to go unpunished, who doesn't stand up to unit bullies, who backstabs her co-workers instead of addressing the real underlying issues, and so on. There is a nursing shortage on, nurses should be in the driver's seat. So why are conditions worsening instead of getting better.

    If a nurse just sucks it up and is afraid of making people mad, well, there's really nothing that anyone can do. The hospital admin will just keep laying it on if they can get away with it.
  5. by   warrior woman
    You know Roxanne, you are absolutely right on 100%. We should have certain things that we should just not have to settle for and let the powers that be know right at orientation, and if they balk, then walk away from the situation. self respect and sanity are way too important to sacrifice for the sake of money.
  6. by   judy ann
    Federal wage and hour law states that hourly employees are to have one 10 minute break (paid) for each 4 hours worked time. Next thing you know, "they" will want us to "upgrade" to a higher status by being salaried!
  7. by   inna
    The reason these unfair treatment are going on and on is because we also let it happen. Imagine working a 12 hr shift working like a dog, running here and there, taking care of pt's beyond your safety load, assuming the responsibilities of CNA's, Secretary, Housekeeper.. and being the shock absorber of all the complaints from the family member, doctors and other departments... and in the end we are being perceived as the irresponsible one because we failed to do things that in reality shouldn't be our job. And oh yes.. a lot of times I would realize that I haven't eaten since breakfast because my head is already spinning and only to realize at the end of the shift that I haven't had the chance to go to the bathroom at all. Not mentioning that I always stay more than an hour or 2 beyond my shift with no break at all without being paid. And it's okay!!!! Because we're all tolerating it.
    Floor Nursing will never change because the only way for the nurses to get out of all these crap is to quit and work in the other field of nursing where they can find respect and dignity for themselves.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Do nurses take more crap because of their 'percieved' role in healthcare? Sure we do. We are perceived as the handmaidens, workhorses, ultimately responsible for everything by TPTB. We are now 'customer service reps' not professionals. Administrators sell this image.When we are young and if we happen to be pretty we are sexual nymphs for the men to fantasize over as well. Public perception needs to change but the media and TPTB fosters all this crap so I doubt it will.
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from judy ann
    Federal wage and hour law states that hourly employees are to have one 10 minute break (paid) for each 4 hours worked time. Next thing you know, "they" will want us to "upgrade" to a higher status by being salaried!
    We all need breaks to recharge and be at our best. We shouldn't give these up.
  10. by   dekatn
    I have to agree with everything that has been said, I hate it too, when families dictate the care of a pt. regardless of what the pt. wants, and the "key" people, most of the which don't have a license to nurse, I might add, go along with whatever!
  11. by   PJMommy
    I'll weigh in with my vent of the week. Why in Heaven's name are saline flushes now considered a "medication" which cannot be left in the patient's room?!?! It was bad enough when I had to start stuffing my pockets with needles b/c I couldn't leave those "unattended" in a patient's room -- but pockets either bulge with saline flushes or I have to run back and forth to the med room each time I need a flush.

    I understand the need for safety in the hospital setting but how could the even the nuttiest patient find any way to harm himself or others with a pre-filled, normal saline flush syringe -- with NO needle, only a luer lock???
  12. by   Stitchie
    ...and how about the techs who complain to tptb that nurses asked them to get a bedpan for a patient?

    my facility expects '110% from everybody on this team' only it means that the nurses have to do everything.

    my reply: "this is how i did the job. tell me if my expectations are off. when i worked as an ed tech, my focus was to keep the nurse out of the room as much as possible. i got the patient back from triage, get them in a gown, on a monitor, vital signs taken, then let the nurse know the patient was there for him/her. i don't see that here.

    "i bring the patient back [from triage] and do all of this by myself -- but the 'paramedic' tech is all too happy to start an iv, draw blood, and get a foley in, without my direction. so i'm supposed to change the suction canisters too, stock the rooms, do my assessments, medications, confer with doctors/residents, send report/get report, do patient education and keep the family happy? what about the delegation part of the nurse practice act in il? what about the parts of my license that i am responsible for protecting?"

    their reply: "the techs don't like to be 'delegated to'. they believe it is demeaning [if they cannot do exactly as they please]...if you don't like it, you have a choice to make." :angryfire!
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  13. by   fergus51
    Thank God our break room is locked! Unless they know the code, they aren't getting in!

    I agree that nurses are expected to pick up the slack for everybody else. We seem to be the catchall profession. I have always said I will help out when my NURSING duties are done, but will not spend my time on the unnecessary when I have NURSING duties to attend to. If support staff doesn't like it, that's too bad. Are they going to put in the IV for me when I'm busy taking out the garbage or getting a blanket?