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I have some questions Do Nurses have time to..... -Go to the bathroom? -Have a 2-3 meals in a shift? (can you keep a protein shake in the fridge and drink it quickly) -Can Nurses carry a... Read More

  1. by   nuangel1
    you have to make time to eat and pee.i work ed and though like vic and tazzi said its very busy and yes i have mised meal times you have to try and make it a priority.i work 12 hr shift i get 15 min break and 30 min dinner period .i too have to have my coffee or drink to hell with JCHO
  2. by   Tweety
    100% of the time I get a lunch break. Many days that's the only break I get. I eat fruit on the run in the morning for a snack. I'll grap an apple and much on it while gathering meds. Or eat a grapefruit or some berries while charting. I've been known to eat a protein bar on the run as well. Many of my coworkers take a breakfast break and a lunch break. I never seem to find time, but I demand and always take my lunch at variable times.

    I go to the BR as often as needed. Often when I'm getting something for the patient in the nutrtion room, I'll stop and down a cup of water, but won't carry a water bottle. Too cumbersome.

    I quietly chew gum and eat mints.

    I think basically it's whatever your priorities are you'll accomplish. If you insist on eating every three times a day, you'll find time to down your shakes. Or like I do eat while charting, or in the med room while gathering meds. The same way smokers find time to smoke three times a day. I'm the same way, but not for body building sakes. I feel better if I have breakfast at home, snack on fruit in the AM, have a nice lunch, and then an evening snack like some more fruit. Then dinner at 8pm. It gives me the energy needed to perform best on those long shifts.
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