Do many people get their BSN Part time?

  1. Hi i am entering school in the Fall and i am having some money problems.
    I was wondering if many people have gotten their BSN degree part time??

    I estimate that it will only take 1 more year max to finish my BSN if they allow me to do so.

    I am currently enrolled as a full time student and am going to take 4 classes in the fall.

    It will cost me about ~$18,500 for a year
    If i do it part time about ~$9,000 - ~10,000 a year which is more cost effective for me

    Not sure what to do please let me know what your opinions are.

    Should i try part time or full time?
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  3. by   zambezi
    In the program that I went through, you could take the classes part time, it took three years instead of two....I don't know about the financial differences...from the people that i talked with who did it this way, it was like dragging out and already long and tiring thing...however, i can see your point about the cost differences...have you looked into loans or scholarships, i don't kow what you do part time for money, but if you graduate that year earlier and start working as an rn, chances are you will be making more money (or mabye not depending on what you do now)...anyway, good luck in your decision, either way you can do it!
  4. by   purplemania
    I worked full time getting my ADN and BSN. Paid for the ADN but my employer paid most of the BSN. Went to school part time, year round. It finally happens.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    they do this all the time. if it is more workable for you, then try it.
  6. by   SuperNurse2B
    I would agree that it is possible to complete your BSN on a part-time basis. I am currently doing so.

    It is extremely important to remember to set your priorities. On a day-to-day basis, school and studying must be given a high priority, even though it is only part of what you are doing. There are times, however, when school will have to take a back seat to other parts of your life. I took a semester off of school to help with family medical crises. I would not have it any other way.

    Another thing to consider, if you are willing to go part-time, is finding a full-time position at a nearby hospital, working as a CNA or even in the cafeteria. Often they will reimburse a portion of your education. I am taking advantage of this, working full time and getting $1800/year towards my classes which are charged at a reduced rate because I am attending a college affiliated with my hospital. (I pay basically only my fees and books.)

    Good luck. It is possible, if you put your mind to it!