do I need extra nurses insurance or not

  1. :confused: I've only been a nurse for a couple of months. I have been getting ins. stuff in the mail for RN's. All they told us in school was that if you get extra ins. don't tell anybody. If people know that you have ins. other than the hospitals, they will be more willing to sue you. What should I do? Do I need extra ins. or just the ins. through my hospital? Thanks.:)
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  3. by   Claudette
    YES! You need your own insurance. No facility will help you any more then they absolutely have to, so if they tell you you are insured (thru the hospital etc.) say thank you and get your own. Check out the insurance offers you're getting in the mail, it shouldn't cost you more then $100 a year to be adequately covered. Oh, and it's nobodies business but yours, unless you want to share that information. Hope I helped.
  4. by   P_RN
    Tonia. Yes you need the insurance. No you don't need to tell anyone. Yes you will be glad you did get it.

  5. by   nurs4kids
    I agree it's better to have than not to have. You don't have to tell anyone you carry it (only my spouse knows I have it). Mine is tacked on with my homeowner's ins and I was amazed at how cheap it is (much cheaper than through an independant company like those advertising in nursing magazines).
  6. by   nightingale
    Question.. how much is enough with insurance coverage? I have heard from two to five million.

    I have heard it really comes in handy because it insures that you have a lawyer looking out for you and not the "facilitys'" interest.... Often suits do not go to trial because people look to settle out of court for money etc.. "sometimes" it is you who is sacrificed to avoid a bigger liability of the facilitys'.

    This is all a downer to think about but the reality in todays environment....

    Thanks for putting it out there for discussion.
  7. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    The only way you are covered in a malpractice or negligence claim by the hospital insurance carrier is if you followed policy and procedure to the letter without exception. If you deviate from policy and procedure for ANY reason, in ANY way, the hospital can opt out of covering you and you are left on your own. Do not let anyone, including your nursing instructors, sucker you into believing that you are fully protected. To find the answer to your question about the limits of malpractice insurance, consult your state board, your state nursing association and/or the state commissioner of insurance. Limits may vary with the type of nursing you are doing.