Do all surgeons think that they are Gods? - page 4

I used to work in a small community hospital with 4 OR rooms, it seems that most of our surgeons think that they are God when they are in the OR. Why are the Doctors who have terrible bedside... Read More

  1. by   nurse2002
    I think it is the one's that think they are God that are the most likely to kill someone. Too much confidence. They get in there and think no matter what they do nothing can go wrong. And when it does go wrong they dont know how to handle it. Just not prepared.

    Just a thought
  2. by   eldernurse
    Simple answer, YES! I work in a big city hospital, I have worked with all kinds of surgeons and the answer is YES, YES, YES. I have said to several of them that if humble was a requirement they would have failed.