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  1. by   mario_ragucci
    Lol, thanks. When I was in my 20's, my dentist strongly recommended i have all my wisdom teeth removed, but I was so disturbed with that alteration, I only let him take out the tops, and that was a big psychological ordeal for me. Now, at 38, my bottoms are poised to give me trouble, and I risk *nerve damage* with removal now.

    I think if you show anything people will judge you, and it all ties in with the "eat them" idea. Like, if 10 female nurses had tattos and one did not I would bet my life that the one w/o would be picked on and snided. I am right? Lol, I don't know.

    Whats so funny about peace, love and understanding?
    "elvis costello"
  2. by   altomga
    I think if you show anything people will judge you, and it all ties in with the "eat them" idea. Like, if 10 female nurses had tattos and one did not I would bet my life that the one w/o would be picked on and snided. I am right? Lol, I don't know.

    I think that is unfair. Everyone is different and we should respect that....both ways!!! I would never pick on someone b/c they DON'T have a tat or piercing...that's childish
  3. by   Emorybabe
    Once upon a time multiple earrings were not socially acceptable...but the more they were worn and seen, the more they were integrated into the norm. Such will be, I believe (and hope), the case with other piercings. Basically once someone in administration has an "alternative" piercing then suddenly they will be okay.

    My nose is pierced and I wear a small diamond stud. My nursing school compromised and let me cover it with a small piece of bandaid while in clinicals. My job asks me to cover it but doesn't always enforce it nor do I really comply. No patient has EVER complained about it. I've gotten lots of compliments even from elderly people! Don't underestimate the ability of the older generation to adapt to new things. Besides, if people are never forced to deal with these type of things, then they will never learn to cope with diversity. If you go in their room with piercings and/or a tattoo and do a great job, then they may leave with a completely different view of people with those adornments.

    To answer the questions of Mario:
    ~ Ears do not bleed when pierced
    ~ Tongues are only pierced vertically
    ~ You can do anything with a tongue piercing in, including eat
    (however you might have to wait a few days after the
    piercing to eat solid food because it may swell really bad)
    ~ You can wear them as long as you want but they can cause
    dental damage from banging against your teeth (mostly in
    those people who like to run in along their teeth a lot)
    ~ It IS possible for all those horrible things to happen (nerve
    damage, drooling, infection) but that's why you research
    your piercing artist ahead of time and the facility in which
    they work

    One last thing to think about - What the heck has a tattoo/piercing got to do with how well I do my job anyway?? Aren't there more important things at stake here? So trifling....

    Peace ya'll.........
  4. by   Nursecathy123ca
    A pt on our unit had a ring in her tongue. She had to take it out before surgery, of course. Afterwards, she put it in her mouth to moisten it before reinserting. You've probably guessed what happened: she swallowed it.
    So we had to inform the M.D., who ordered x-rays and follow-up. I'm assuming everything came out all right in the end.
  5. by   donna79
    I have got my tongue pierced and have had for 2 years plus 2 tattoos. My tattoos are in places where they can be covered like my ankle. My tongue ring is pink and i have been a student for 18 months now and no one on the wards have actually noticed them, I dont think its fair to be judged on what a person looks like. Patients often come in with tattoos and piercings so why cant a nurse, it doesnt mean that you cant do a job properly or that you are not a caring person. As long as they are discreet yhen i dont think it matters
  6. by   janesny
    For me it is just a personal thing, they gross me out. I don't condem the person or think differently of them it just gives me the willies.
  7. by   AllieElizAbeth
    you could pierce your nose
  8. by   nursechris1
    I worked with a CNA who had tattoos on her neck of vampire bites with tattooed blood running down her neck. Sorry, but I am not into the highly visible tattoos. I can see having a small one on your ankle, or somewhere hidden.
  9. by   ton
    you hardly see a tonque piercing ,so what's the problem!
  10. by   nursejenrad
    I also have a small diamond in my nose and I admit that I was nervous that my patients may look at me funny or say something. The cool thing is that the only comments I have heard, are good ones. The older generation folks have given the compliments, the kids may feel more comfortable and the 20-30 ish crowd has never- ever said anything negative. I am in clinicals right now in a after-hours trauma unit and not a word has been said. I also have my belly pierced (10 years ago) and got my first tattoo last year. I think that professionalism is the key, you can not look like a freak. The tongue is okay if it is not distracting and a ton of people have them and they are not even noticable.
    That is my opinion-
    I would get my tongue pierced if I had the guts- Too chicken!
  11. by   fergus51
    Have you all heard Chris Rock's "No sex in the champagne room" which includes a rather suggestive comment about tongue piercings? I think that's what makes me not so comfortable with tongue piercings at work....
  12. by   nursejenrad
    Okay fergus51, lets hear it.
  13. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Yes, I know nurses are human s too and yes, it is their body after all and I realize that they make clear acrylic tongue studs for those times when you need to keep your piercing to your self, however, I feel it is just an unprofessional look, inviting all manner of gross creepy germs to infect the piercing and creating a world of trouble for the piercee. Just MHO though.....

    Would I get one, no! I like my tongue just the way it is and I have an aversion to pain and the sight of my own blood