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Attended Univ's. Nothing special about it. Graduates wore street clothes and their parents or sig. other put their pins on them. Where in heaven did that idea come from? Had slide show of grads.... Read More

  1. by   Gompers
    Our pinning ceremony (6 years ago) was held in one of our school's oldest buildings, in a fancy old theater that many students had never even realized existed!!! It was one week before graduation.

    My class also go to vote on whether we'd wear our white clinical uniforms or dress clothes. White was voted against, much to my disappointment. However, after 3 years of washing my uniforms in well water, I guess I wouldn't have exactly been wearing white anyway, LOL. The school did away with caps about ten years ago. So we all wore dress clothes, and when we walked in we had candles, I believe. There were some speeches by staff and students. Then we got called up one at a time and were pinned by a favorite instructor, whom we had chosen beforehand. I think we got a flower as well. Afterwards the school provided cake and coffee elsewhere in that same beautiful building. The nice thing about the pinning was that we were able to invite as many people as we wanted. For graduation, each student only got 4 tickets, so it was great to be able to involve more people.

    But the ceremony that I really remember was during sophomore year, before we started clinicals. I went to a Catholic university, and before students enter the hospital environment, they have a blessing of the hands. We invited our families to the chapel, and there was a beautiful ceremony. We got our hands blessed, one by one, and it really struck a chord in me. I'm not all that religious, but when you're looking down at your hands as someone is blessing them, you can't help but realize the awesome responsibility you are about to take on.
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