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hie!.. im currently considering an education in nursing.. im not sure if i should do a diploma for 3 yrs in a hospital with a yr and a half expeirence or a 4 yr degree training in a university . i... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    I would definitely go for the degree in your case. It will much easier for you to go for your MSN, if that is what you desire later on.

    Good luck and please keep me posted on how you are doing..........
  2. by   Vanita
    hey suzanne
    thanks for all ur help.. ill most probably go for the BSN .. it might b more expensive fees wise but its worth it . i will definately keep u posted. admissions only start in mid june , ive spoken to alot of ppl about the nursing profession and im gettin alot of mixed reactions. im committed to it though i hope its sumthing i can handle. take care and thanks once again.
  3. by   suzanne4
    Would you be starting the program this summer or next year?
    Keep me posted.....................
  4. by   Vanita
    Well i still have to give the entrance test and interview for the course and if all goes well i should start by august of this yr...!!
  5. by   suzanne4
    Great news................keep up the good work............
  6. by   icare4ill
    Hello all,

    I've just joined and after reading a few post, I think that I've joined the right site for all my answers.

    have a nice evening!