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Yes I am sure in every unit or specialty there is an ancient crabby nurse that rips everyone to shreds. How in the world do you handle such a person w/o going sending them to Jurassic Park?:roll... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    NICUgal I understand what your saying. There are poeple who don't respect each other, and they don't respect older folks by default.

    My Algebra 95 instructor is from europe and is an excellent teacher. He goes non-stop on Saturday from 8 -1, thats 5 hours, with breaks.

    I can take it, but the younger students start breaking down after 2-3 hours. I mean, he is an excellent teacher, but the younger students don't like him, because he calls on us (heaven forbid) and he engages us individually at least once during a class. Some instructors will go on and on, but this guy uses real examples.

    During yesterdays class, one of the students, in a very mean way, told him not to try to talk to her and that she was uncomfortable with him calling on her. It was in a very mean way. I was tempted to come to his defense, but let it go.

    Don't hafta worry about handing the world to me, I already have the world, and everything in it. ......... don't let the age thing become an issue, it all ready is ......... now just deal with it......good night JohnBoy........Good Night Pa.......(chimes play)
  2. by   micro
    by some I would be old dino, by others............., and by others................but then It is who I am and who I am as a nurse that counts............
    it is not the age thing.........it comes down more to respect and values.........and expectations.........

    and now the (chimes ring)

  3. by   mattsmom81
    I guess I was fortunate---almost every instructor I had in nursing school was at least kind to her students. No bullies. Did have a few who were obviously escaping to acadamia (sp?)and really into quoting statistics and research, but that was the worst of it...they were the ones "in a fog" and kinda way out there...LOL! I remember them fondly now!

    The worst and most destructive nurse bullies I have encountered have been the nasty breed of manipulative, control freak types that go into management and systematically make their staffs miserable. A good hearted , kind nurse manager is worth her weight in gold and I haven't had many, unfortunately!! One learns to tread carefully out there and be on good terms with all as much as possible!!
  4. by   Teshiee
    Well I would like to thank all of you for you responses. I just put out that question never meant to offend. In my thread I stated crabby old nurses. I know all very experienced nurses are not nor old crabby! As usual someone always trying to defend a simple statement. If it doesn't pertain to you don't respond to the thread. I work with a nurse that was very the best to her co workers she can come off brash but I seek the knowledge and respect her.

    I was merely expressing nurses who were older that made life a living hell in their unit and how does one deal with them that is all! I wish nurses take for what is written and not for what they want to see.