digital sphyglmograph

  1. Does anyone know what a "digital sphyglmograph" (sp?) is and where one can get one?

    Is it something small that you can get at a pharmacy or is it something big and expensive that hospitals carry? I know that it is used in monitoring BP but that's all I know.

    If anyone can give info. I'd appreciate it.

    This is for a friend of the family who lives in a third world country where medical care is not very good and due to export/import issues does not have access to getting one within the country or outside of it. We have a friend who is traveling there soon and he was asked to obtain one and bring it with him. This person has high blood pressure and wanted one to help monitor it.

    If you have any advice on where to get online, etc. that would also be appreicated.

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    Think you may mean a digitial sphygmomanometer (just a way to say digital blood pressure cuff). These are commonly used for home BP monitoring.......... easily found at any local pharmacy, especially any that typically carry other medical products such as canes, shower chairs, other durable medical equipment.

    Or do a search online for "digital blood pressure cuffs". Hope this helps.
  4. by   colleen10
    Thanks Shelly, I'll give your suggestion a try. I tried looking up sphygmograph but only came up with a bunch of history and research papers.

    Does any one have any personal opinions on good or bad company's to purchase one from. If you do, feel free to let me know.
  5. by   P_RN
    remember that the electrical current and outlets most likely are not compatable with those in the us. you would be better off with a battery operated one.

    the ones i have seen run between $60-200, from ones that check a finger or wrist, to ones that encircle the upper arm.

    is there some reason the person cannot use a "regular" bp cuff you inflate with a bulb with a dial to measure readings? those can be had in the $10-30 range and never need a battery. i got one for my hubby for each car-stethescope included for $12 at the drugstore.

    edited to say....i don't trust the electronic ones even when *i* setup and use them. there's something about hearing the bp that lets you know it's accurate.

    also on google entering electronic blood pressure monitor i got 102,000 hits.
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  6. by   cargal
    I got mine at Walmart- $34.00
  7. by   flowerchild
    I have compared the digital BP cuffs with my manual taking of a BP many times over the years. (Home Care patients like to know their cuffs work right). Digitals are very accurate if they are the ones used on the upper arm and are properly placed. The finger and wrist ones do not match what I have gotten in comparison with my manually taking a BP and have been consistantly inaccurate by as much as 20 on the readings. All of the digital ones I've seen use batteries. How will this person get batteries on an ongoing basis? A manual cuff and steth maybe the best if someone can be taught it's proper use and care. Which brings me to...who's going to calibrate the manual dial when needed? I've never heard of a digital one needing calibration-------Do they? If not, maybe you could just send a supply of batteries every once in a while? Sorry for rambling, getting late, and just brainstorming.
  8. by   NurseShell
    don't get a norelco one...the one we have is WAY off... I double checked manually since my husband was about to go on a crash diet...not to worry, it was no where near correct. Bought a $25 manual cuff instead much more accurate! but that doesn't help with your friends...sorry.