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I am an RN and I view myself and my CNA as team. Most of the time it works out... I treat the CNAs with respect. At the beginning of the shift I go over our patients with the CNA and at that time... Read More

  1. by   Daytonite
    Quote from ybnvus
    I can't tell you how many times I've come onto my shift, and they are so bad...the sheets are soaked. What am I doing wrong??
    You're not doing anything wrong. It's not your fault that patients are being left like this. You need to have the support of the charge nurse on the off-going and on-going shift to help with this kind of problem. What we did was have the off-going aides make rounds with the on-coming aides. Any patients that were found soaked or soiled were to be taken care of immediately by both. If it was getting to be a pattern, it was addressed with the off-going aides. This had gotten so bad in one facility, that the DON started having both off-going and on-coming aides sign a form that they had made rounds so she could track any complaints of previous shifts leaving patients wet or soiled. It was amazing how the patients were suddenly looking clean at change of shift. Not only that, but giving the aides this kind of support by the charge nurses and DON got some of them using their assertiveness skills. When oncoming aides would find more than one patient of an off-going aide's in a mess, they would demand that aide get those patients cleaned up before they clocked out.

    Like I said, you need the support of your charge nurses to do something like this.
  2. by   PralineLPN
    I had a med tech question me about what I needed the keys for. I told her there was a pt in respiratory distress and I needed nebs immediately. Finally I got the keys after convincing her it was an emergency. What is it with these people? And before that, she told me to wait for narc keys. All she had to do was reach in her pocket and give them to me, but she makes a big deal of it. I would have given the meds, but she had some issue with that, so I left a list for her. I'm going to the manager if she pulls this crap again. First of all I shouldn't have to explain myself to a med tech, second of all, if there's an emergency, I do not have time to grovel before her to get keys. Then she has the audacity to say the state will be eyeballing me because I'm new on the unit??? The state will eyeball everyone equally. Some people are so ignorant it makes my BP go up 20 points.
    Are med techs even considered "licensed" staff?
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    I completely completely agree! I love that "I am a CnA and I luv my residents!" lol then turn them like your should! LOL
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    not all CNA's are crazy. I have worked with some great ones. But your story really is scary - so many nut cases out there!
  5. by   Nurse Cathy Foley
    I would first have a serious talk with the aide and make sure they understand they need to follow what you say. Then I'd write them up until they did what they are suppose to or were fired.
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