Differences between MS & ALD?

  1. I have to find some pathological differences between Multiple Sclerosis and Adrenoleukodystrophy- I have been looking online for over an hour and I cant find anything?
    Any ideas here?

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  3. by   Agnus
    adrenoleukodystrophy is is hereditary. (sex linked recessive trait) Charcterized by adrenal atrophy and demylinazation in the white matter of the brain
    It can result in dementia, aphasia, apraxia, and blindness.

    Multiple sclrosis is not hereditary. It is an autoimmune condition where by the myeline is destroyed. The damage to the myelin is intermittent. There are often (usually) periods of remission.

    It manifest as muscle weakness and occasionally visual changes.

    adrenoleukodystrophy is seen in children, adrenoleukodystrophy cause adrenal atropyh. is hereditary. (sex linked recessive)
    Multiple sclorosis is usually not seen until young or even middle adult hood. not heriditary, autoimmune disease.

    Why do you ask?

    Hint. Next time check out some nursing and medical references first. Try CDC, before doing a general google search. It is generally not a good idea to expect some else to do your home work. (I assume this is a school assignment). This one is a gift.
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  4. by   nightmare
    You might find some in this article.You have to read down a bit!!

  5. by   Determined.
    haha thank you for the one freebee & for the tip- Now I know where to look- yes this is for my a & p class.
  6. by   kukukajoo
    Actually there is a heredity link being found in some cases of MS.
  7. by   NaomieRN
    You are right about that. I just learned about MS two weeks ago, there is a genetic link to it.