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First off just want to say hi to everyone Im new to this site. Just need a little advise about something that happened today that is really bothering me. Im a first year 2nd semester nursing student... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from donegal1
    What every happened to if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?

    But really thank you all!!!!!!!!!!
    She forgot this rule. Your reminder may be all that she needed. Hopefully so anyhow.
  2. by   phoenix72
    I'm not a nursing student yet, but I would have felt the same way. I pray that I never get to the point when a baby, or any other human, would become "It". If I ever reach that point, I'm done. I think that you will be a wonderful nurse. You are obviously caring and willing to help your patient in any way you can. Just hang in there and don't let this other nurse have any power over you.
  3. by   white_tigress_247
    Perhaps she was showing an example of how the family was responding to the infant's death?? Yes, there is a grieving process afterwards and part of that would be to allow the parents to hold the baby as part of the healing process.. but to have the baby just waitng around till 7pm after a 5am delivery sounds a little absurd... Like you said, she was a very experienced nurse, probally setting an example of the harsh reality of nursing. And opening eyes to how difficult of a career it is. It may look nice and fluffy from the outside, but reality is we work long and hard hours, constantly on our feet, cosntantly fullfilling requests, answering lights, helping with bed-making, chainging clothing, barely able to stop or a bite to eat... and more and more. As a professional you must maintain a caring attitude, but at the same time you cannot become too involved with heart-felt sympathies. You need to uphold neutral ground where you know you are making the best decisions for your patients well-being, without crossing the line. Emotions can become more draining than the actual physical part of the job.

    Other questions... I mean, she may have just come onto the shift but she knew somethng was going on if she was asking "Why is it still here????"
    Was the family out of state?? Travel time was long?? First priority would be to handle your patients situation... Did the mom mind having the baby waiting around??? How was the family handling the death?? Was SHE trying to play devil's advocate??? -Trying to prove a point, such as.... WHY is the baby still here???? Everyone has different perceptions in nursing, and it's not always a career that has a right or wrong answer.
  4. by   presuppose
    So glad to see support for you here. You will do fine as an RN. That night shift nurse needs to go work in the morgue - she needs a new job anyway.

    just my .02
  5. by   Armygirl7
    tweety i love what you said:

    "i've never had a job in any field, or worked or floated to any unit, or taken a class, or gone to a church, where 100% of the people acted and thought like me, in a way that i approved of. trolls are everywhere."

    trolls is such a perfect word to describe these types of people who we meet everywhere! if we can set our minds to the perspective that life is an adventure - that we will meet trolls, fairies, angels, demons, foes, and most importantly friends, along an obstructed road that will still, absolutely, be worth traveling, then we can find the mental strength to deal with anything that comes our way.

    it is why fairy tales remain so enduring and appealing to very young children - because all those iconic stories really do represent the trials and pitfalls and triumphs of a well-lived life.

    if only we could remember that each of us is the hero or heroine in our own destiny and we need to choose our allies and not give away any power to our enemies!

    trolls! if in the heat of the moment i can just hear that word in my head and put the offending person in their place in my mind!!

    donegal 1 - hold tight to the positive reasons you wanted to be a nurse. don't let a big, tricksy, nasty troll make you doubt yourself. hang in there and fight the good fight! :spin:
  6. by   gwapalicious
    Yah I agree. Sounds like she is losing her touch. It may be that she has encountered a similar problem in the past and made her irritable to the situation. Who knows.