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Ok guys- here's another one of those resident advocate threads. In the LTC where I work- I am considered the floater. The one who covers each hall on the days when the regular nurse isn't there. No... Read More

  1. by   LaVorneRN
    Wow, that resident was blessed to have you on board! Something similar happened when I did my clinicals in a LTC facility. I was lucky to have an awesome instructor to confirm my assessment of this woman c/o chest pain. This had been reported to the previous shift by the resident. Documentation of the complaint but no F/U calls to M.D. or any interventions. She even cried to me that no one has been listening to her. Needless to say she wound up in an ambulance STAT on her way to a hospital ICU. I couldn't help but imagine what would have happened had I ignored her as others had. Good for you! You're an asset to the profession and an awesome pt. advocate!
  2. by   LoisJean
    jenac, if I'm ever a resident in a LTC, I hope and pray that you're on duty! You are a VERY GOOD nurse!

    Lois Jean
  3. by   Tweety
    You did the right thing. Especially bumping it up to management. The nursing board looks kindly on that.

    We have college educations and we are not to put blinders on when we feel an MD isn't properly caring for a patient.

    Kudos to you!
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by Agnus
    You did exactly right. And I share your suspicions about the CHF.
    Ditto! Ya done the right thing!