did any of you double major?

  1. Hi, I didn't want to post this in the student forums because I wanted to ask already-practicing graduates this question:

    Did any of you successfully complete a double major in Nursing and something entirely different (non-science/math) and not health related? I ask because I'm worried about a friend's friend's story of her nursing career "not panning out" and not having anything else to fall back on.... Also, I know that the curriculum is probably all-consuming, but did any of you have time to pursue other intellectual/artistic interests? If you didn't, did you feel like you totally missed out on your other true calling?

    Thanks in advance!
    EDIT: I should have probably opened this topic up to anyone who would like to post their opinions and advice and experiences, which I will do so now. I would like as much input as possible. Thanks again!
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  3. by   llg
    I almost double-majored when I was an undergraduate a long time ago. But it would have been difficult my senior and I really didn't want a degree in political science. So, I didn't take the necessary courses in my senior and graduated with just a BSN.

    Now that I am much, much older .... I wish I had known what other fields would have interested me now. I wish I could have been able to predict where my interests would lie today so that I could have double-majored in philosophy (maybe history).

    I have been happy with my nursing career, but a 2nd major would have enriched my career in many ways and given me opportunities to combine nursing with another field to develop a unique niche within nursing. I would have loved to be a nurse philosopher or a nurse historian or even a nurse writer -- with the academic credentials in the other discipline to be "legit" and respected in both fields.

  4. by   shock-me-sane
    well, I am still a student but I am a double major. nursing and psychology. 2 years of nursing left and 4 psych classes.

    I love psychology and like nursing a lot. I have tentative plans to go to grad school in psychology. I love the concept of having the two disciplines that overlap in many ways, but can also be completely seperate.
  5. by   joannep
    Hi, my daughter is also doing nursing and psychology, she loves both.
  6. by   arelius
    Working on Nursing and Economics
  7. by   HARRN2b
    Why not nursing and an MBA???
  8. by   bbcewalters
    Although I did not do a double major, I have two bachelor's degrees. I have a Music performance degree and my BSN. Some would wonder how these relate, but they do in ways most don't think of.....
    time management
    self direction
    working with others

    just to name a few.....