Development of a fetus??

  1. When does a babys brain actually start to develop? And when is it fully developed? Also what organs, body parts are developed within a 12 week period.

    Once again I am asking this because of my debate topic. Thanks for the help.

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    Kristi - a quick search using the term "fetal development" in my browser turned up numerous results.

    One I found was this one from Discovery Health:

    For factual information such as you requested, sites likes these would be best for attaining your information. I'm sure you will have to quote your resources, and I don't think your teacher would much appreciate a bunch of bb usernames as a source

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    Betcha I know what your debate topic is. Better you than me! Good luck!
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    A really good site:
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    great search engine:
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    Here's another one: "The Visible Embryo is the most indepth visual resource for human fetal development on the web, brought this far by a grant from the National Institute of Health."

    Here are some quotes from the site:

    Week 20: "Extremely rapid brain growth (which lasts until five years after birth) begins."

    And: Week 26:
    "Brain wave patterns resemble those of a full term baby at birth... ....Forebrain enlarges to cover all other developed brain structures, while still maintaining its hemisphere divisions."

    Good luck. As Swiftee said: better you than me.
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    from my a&p I seem to remember that centeral nervious system starts to develop really early on something like at about 3-4wks but then thats not technically the brain is it.

    The heart is also developing at this time and if my memory serves me is beating as well.

    so thats before most people even realise their pregnant, anything more than that I'ld have to look up

    but the brain is not fully developed untill child is about 4-5years old.

    Now this could be a real lively debate
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    Just wait till someone points out that gnats and chickens have fully formed nervous systems too and watch the class disintegrate into fighting!!!