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If there is anyone with any advice PLEASE advise me. I am currently in my last semester of school with a solid B. My last available to withdraw from school is October 13. If I withdraw now there is... Read More

  1. by   maryshome8
    My gosh, if you lived in my area you could come and stay with me.

    I think you need to talk to the head of the nursing department immediately to see if they know about any emergency student loans that can bridge you through until the end of the month.

    Since you are in your last semester, I would go to the largest hospitals in your area, explain your situation, and say you would be willing to sign an employment contract if they would help you out.

    You are almost there sweetie! You are sooooo close, please don't give up!

    Can you donate plasma? Call around the locate Real Estate offices and see if they have an agent that needs someone to help with flyers or something and could pay you $30 here and there when you get a free afternoon to get you through. Call a local maid service and explain your situation, and see if you might be able to help out for a day or something if they can pay you the same with a local nanny service...these are jobs that don't have a schedule, they may be willing to help you out. See if there is any faculty at your school that may need a sitter.

    If you get this, please send me a PM.

    Can you get a credit card online? I hate those things, but with only a couple of months left it would definately be worth it...stick with a place like Citibank Visa or something that will approve almost anyone...use your financial aid as income on the application, they give alot of cards to students. Even if you do a couple of thousand on CC, you'll be able to pay this off quickly when you graduate.

    Is there ANYTHING that you have that you can sell to a pawn shop? A TV? Anything? Talk to the landlord and see if they can work something out with rent..explain to them that you'll be able to get a full time job once you graduate in just 3 short months! Not even that!

    I'll pray for you!

    Quote from mika1
    If there is anyone with any advice PLEASE advise me. I am currently in my last semester of school with a solid B. My last available to withdraw from school is October 13. If I withdraw now there is no assuarance that I may be able to return to my program if I withdraw since I withdrew once before during my 2nd semester. With that being said this is my situation. Im just about too ashamed to tell anyone. I am over the limit for financial aid. It has been a struggle for me to keep my grades up so during the third semester I quit my job, I absolutely had to make a choice and I probably made the wrong choice by choosing school. Well long story short my bills are paid up until the end of this month, at which point I will be homeless. My situation is so bad that one of my class mates has been giving me gas money just so I can make it to class and clinicals. Ive lost 20 lbs since the beginning of the semester because I basically eat crackers and potatoes and take vitamins. I have gone to apply for any type of aid but because I dont have kids i basically cant get anything. I spent every dime to my name to pat the last semesters tuition and books. I attempted to apply for a loan but because I dont have a job the bank wont give me one. My family is not such that I can go stay with someone. Can anyone just give me some sound advice. I thought about withdrawing and just going back to work and reapply in a year or so when my situation is better or doing something else all together that would allow me to work and go to school. My absolute passion is nursing. I think that just trying to make it until December in this situation will be to my demise ! Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you all for taking the time to read this long vent.
  2. by   anne74
    Absolutely do not drop out! You are in your last semester! Trying to start up again next year would be 10 times harder. You can make these last few months! There is always some way to get money somehow. First go talk to your advisor/Dean. Many nursing schools have emergency funds.

    Have you tried to get a private student signature loan? That's what I did when my money ran out, and I didn't have a job. Don't go through a bank - their interest rates are worse, and yes - they expect you to have a job. I can't believe that your financial aid office isn't working with you towards a solution. (Although mine wasn't that helpful either.) Like others said, there are work/study programs, Army/Air Force offers, and many hospitals pay for schooling. At one hospital in my area, they paid your tuition if you worked just 16 hrs a week.

    Maybe you could go live with a classmate just for a few months?

    Out of any major, nursing definitely gets the most help paying for school. You just have to be creative. Don't be shy - tell people about your plight and I bet others know of programs in your area that can help you, that you didn't even know existed. Being embarrassed a little bit now will pay off in 3 months when you have a degree and can support yourself! Leaving school now, with only a few months left would be a HUGE mistake and you would definitely regret it! Good luck - you can make it three more months!
  3. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    All of the suggestions I could have made were made above- I do hope you will try some of them and let us know how you are doing! I noticed that you posted back in January about a financial crisis much like you are again experiencing right now, but you never posted on this site again to say if you tried any suggestions or how you were doing. I hope that you please come back to your thread this time to let us know how you are and if anything suggested was helpful! I also hope that you make contacting a food bank (Salvation Army? church?) your highest priority, and speaking to your school advisor your second highest (they often know of 'secret' loans/funding sources). Do not be ashamed, both places have heard of similar situations before...I can assure you!! And remember that people in here do care and want to hear again from you!
  4. by   moongirl
    our school has a nursing student's food bank, and also emergency gas money. Please go talk to your advisor, that is what they are there for.If that gets you no where, go to the Director of the program You are too close to quit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know everyone here is sending a prayer for you to find a way. Trust in the Universe, send up a call for assistance. Use resources in your area, find a way. You can always pay it back when you graduate.
    wishing you the best- hang in there!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Jules A
    I'm sorry you are having trouble and I agree with the others who said do not drop out. Please, please get a job it doesn't sound like not having one is an option for you right now.
  6. by   deleern
    Hey go back to work... go to a ltc and apply for night shift. I did that and and went to school ful time when it was quite i would study. the nurse was very accomidating as long as every one was taken care of and the work was done. until the take the advice from the above posters. all of it excellent. If there is a will there is a way. DO NOT Drop out of school!!
  7. by   IMustBeCrazy
    I noticed that you had run into this situation before in January. What solutions did you come up with at that time?
  8. by   Barb2000
    The hospital I did clinicals at hired student nurses as tech's. Is this an option for you?
  9. by   yumaRN1990
    It sounds like you have gotten some really good advice. I agree go to your school advisors and let them know what is going on. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I don't know where you are, but check with the hospital where you do your clinicals they may be willing to help you with funds, if you agree to work for them after graduation. I know the hospital here does. In the long run you have to do what is best for you, but I would not give up until you have just run out of places to look for help. Keep us posted, you have many fellow nurses praying for you.
  10. by   analee23
    I know that at my college of nursing you could go to the nursing director and she'd allocate funds in cases like yours. I actually have a good friend that got help as she and her husband were both in school with two small children that just couldn't make it. There is money out there, you just have to humble yourself and let someone know you need help!

    Absolutely DO NOT drop out like others have said. It'll be worth struggling here for a few more months to get that license under your belt!

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes!
  11. by   puggymae
    Look on the website for to see if there is a participating church near your area. Also ask the VFW, Knights of Columbus, and any other group you can think of for even $50 to tide you over. Good luck.
  12. by   nomadicV
    Dunno if this is helpful at this late stage, but what about programs that help with schooling in return for committment such as the US Public Health Service. If you're in a BSN program, there is a co-step program to pay for the last 1 or 2 years of your program. I've been PHS for 7 years and love it
  13. by   lannisz
    I don't know if someone has already suggested this.... as a nursing student you would be an ideal live in caregiver for an elderly or disabled person. You could get room and board and possibly a small salary as well. This would help you with your basic needs of food and shelter. Check with your school career center and see if they have any positions/need for live in caregivers. Also, call senior services and ask if anyone is looking for live in help. Call local churches and ask if anyone of their congregation needs live in help...let them know your situation. You will find help if you only ask. You also should qualify for some emergency funds and food stamps. Good luck to you.
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