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Yesterday I triaged from 7-3 dayshift in our 17 bed ER. It was extremely busy, as usual lately. We kept a full ER and a waiting to come back list of 10-20 patients all day. Today my supervisor... Read More

  1. by   RED_ALERT37
    Defib queen.... you didnt miss anything !!! From the way you described the situation you followed your protocol as a triage nurse. Apparently one of two things happen... either the patient wasnt truly describing the symptoms he had (which to me by the way sounded like the flu or kidney type infection) or the patient became increasingly worse without telling anyone.
    The reason people come to the ER are to get advanced mecical treatment, you are simply a tool to get them into the system... unless you have some extrodinary talents like a CT SCAN, lab tech monitor system at your finger tips you arent going to catch anything.....pssssssst.... if you do have these talents please tell me where you can buy one !!! If you say Walmart ... I will be devestated !!!! hahha

    Hang in there and just stick to your beliefs... dont allow anyone to make you out to be a bad nurse... you do your job, do it well, and guess what you are human...... and yes people die .....with or without help.........
  2. by   NurseDennie
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  3. by   LoriAnnRN
    I haven't checked this site in a few days and my post is late but I had a very bad experience with the first patient I ever extubated in Neuro ICU. A 33 year old male with astrocytoma 'debulking' on day #3 post-op, perfectly normal recovery (so far). I was brand new to ICU and had been an RN for less than a year. Anyway, I did what the protocol called for and I did it with an experienced RN and former RT. The poor guy never took a breath after I removed the ET tube--laryngospasm. We coded him for what seemed like an eternity but with no luck. The neurosurgeon called me at 4am the next day (I worked dayshift) and asked me what happened, asked ALOT of questions. His widow never attempted a lawsuit, much to my surprise. It was such a horrible thing and I'll never forget it.
  4. by   sixes
    Please don't beat up on yourself. I have never worked triage, but with 5 boys i've seen my share of ER. The triage nurse always takes vitals. I assume his was within normal ranges or flags would have come up. Perhaps he had a K defience from vomitting,etc. Only lab work would catch this. We are always told while waiting and sometimes it has been up to 4 hours, if we feel worse, or our condition changes to ring the nurse and be reassessed. Perhaps it was just his time. Have a good soak in the tub pamper yourself go back to work and have a nice day. I'm sure you did nothing wrong
  5. by   l.rae
    defibqueen....any up dates yet?