Deceptive Co-worker

  1. I recently found out that a co-worker that i felt that i got along with,listened to her problems, helped her out at work as she easily gets upset with tense situations(we work a busy OR)made a petty complaint against me to our charge nurse that caused me some slight grief at work(it was just so petty).She does not know at present that I know it was her.I can't tell her about my different attitude towards her(I no longer "help her out") as i don't want to reveal who told me(don't want to get this person in trouble).She now constantly acts like a wounded puppy and gets "huffed" when i don't make things "easy" for her. My husband thinks she is jealous of me because i will be retiring in 2 yrs. She is much older than me and won't be able to retire until she is about 100yrs. old.How do i deal with this woman and keep it professional?
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Just professional........treat her like any other staff member, no
    more, no less.
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Do as you are doing.
  5. by   vamedic4
    Your husband may be correct, she may just be jealous. On the flip side, she may actually not look forward to working if you're not going to be there. As you said, she's older than you. The older we get, the more we look for familiarity with regard to things that are important to us, like work.

    But the recommendations the others gave is absolutely true, just keep it professional. You never know, she may come clean to you and apologize.

    Good luck.

  6. by   morte
    and again, you dont KNOW she said anything, unless you get it from her or your nurse could be the third party that is the problem
  7. by   MALE*RN*777
    You should all be working together but work as equals. Don't allow her to put more work on you so there is less for her. Keep it professional but keep it fair.
  8. by   LoriChr
    I agree, keep it professional. I would also be aware of whomever gave you the information. There are those who thrive on drama and love nothing more than causing trouble.
    Unless you heard this directly from your charge nurse and she told you who made made the complaint, I would be cautious as to what to believe.