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Hello everybody. I can not think of a better place to ask this questions other than a forum full of what I believe to be Gods angels in human form. In your experience taking care of the injured... Read More

  1. by   curiousbeing89
    Hi everyone! I'm new in Allnurses.

    I read this article and ended up amazed reading this thread.

    Are those experiences real? Do they happen often or just once in a while?

    Thank you all for your great work!!
  2. by   ERadmitting
    Hi everyone, i work in admitting in an ER. I just found this blog, the subject of which I have been interested for a long time. i wanted to tell you about a doctor whom went into hospice care because of what he had experienced with patients at the end of their lives. Here is a link to an interview with him. He also wrote a few books on hospice deathbed experiences which you can find on amazon. I think you will find him very interesting. Link to interview: Learning from the Light: Pre-Death Experiences ~ Dr. John Lerma - YouTube

    I would love to hear more experiences!
  3. by   Catherinewu
    All one has to do to avoid that fate is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, study the Bible with true understanding so that you know what to do and what not to do, guard your heart against any evil and unkind thoughts. It takes a lot of time and effort to truly understand the bible so do it before your time run out, and then you have to put it into practice. OH believe it yes, God did create this place, it is originally for the fallen angels.
  4. by   feiliuge
    Hey guys, sincere but skeptical here. How do you know these visions are real, and not due to pain killers, or the brain lacking oxygen at the moment of dying?