Day shift/Night shift rivalry?

  1. a question from a new nurse to more experienced nurses: is it "normal" or "expected" for there to be a rivalry between shifts?

    some of the nurses on the opposite shift are very kind, but there are others that you know are smiling to your face but talking about you after you leave (because, for example, they speak to you patronizingly during report). life experience tells me that people who do these sorts of things do them because they are insecure and are capitalizing on someone else's shortcomings to propel their sense of security. at this point in my career, i am gaining confidence daily, but know that there are things that are not as second-nature to me as they are to the nurses that have more experience under their belts. i often get the yucky feeling that the opposite shift thinks i'm, well, a moron. i'm not--i'm just doing a whole lot of learning at this point in my career.

    i try not to be a nay-sayer and gossiper, because i think it ruins the fabric of teamwork. i try to help my co-workers during moments when i am not busy so that they don't drown. there are plenty of instances in which opposing shifts can be helpful to each other, and gossiping ruins that.

    just wondering. i am pretty resilient and won't be wrecked by this, but i just feel icky right now.
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  3. by   gonzo1
    Sadly, another incidence of nurses berating other nurses instead of encouraging and promoting them. We do see a lot of this in our location too. If only we could all just get along. Concentrate on the positives in your situation, and keep up with the good attitude and you will attract like minded people into your circle. This kind of belittling goes on in every unit and between every unit but you don't have to be a part of it. Like you wisely said it is the insecure ones that participate.
    Good luck and God Bless
  4. by   mariedoreen
    This goes on where I'm at too. I don't let myself get caught up in it, just walk away from any group discussion that turns anti-anyone and if I'm the only one present when this kind of talk starts I do my best to deflect it and then get away. It's really bad for morale for supervisors to allow this to go on and when they participate in it... so much worse.

    I'm a new grad too and know that I'm likely the topic of discussion here and there as well... and since I don't climb on board with the rest of the gossip it just opens me up for more. I'm trying to cope by just doing my job and ignoring the rest of it. Pleasant and nice to everyone, ask my questions when I need to, get help when I'm unsure, but don't hang around at the nurse's station and socialize since it usually turns into a gossip fest. Just focus on my job. And when report's up, I'm out.
  5. by   UM Review RN
    It seems to me that the more pressured the day shift workers feel, the more apt they are to take out their frustrations on the night shift.

    If staffing is good enough to give everyone a little wiggle room (in addition to breaks), everyone isn't trying to cut corners and there's time to tie up any loose ends.
  6. by   Pompom
    That battle has been going on for years. Of course if you work alterating shifts you see how both work and are less judgemental.