Current students in Chamberlain Online RN-BSN

  1. I am interested in this program and would like to hear both good and bad from anyone is has gone or is currently attemding Chamberlain.:heartbeat
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  3. by   susannyc
    I'm currently taking my 3rd course with them and enjoy the program very much.
    What would you like to know?
  4. by   luv2yoga
    I'm on class #5. I think it's great. I really liked my Nursing Research class, I learned a lot and it was very challenging. I find it very do-able to work full time and take one on-line class. I could do two, but it would be stressful. Chamberlain is not cheap, but they took all my transfer classes and they require no clinicals. It works for me.
  5. by   blueheaven
    Thanks for all the imput. I haven't written papers in a looooooooooooong time and that fact alone is scary for me. I hated it when in nursing school and I really don't look forward to it now. It is very difficult for me to get info from the brain onto the paper in an organized manner. How long will it take to complete if you take one class per semester? I could ask Tiffany but thought I would post it here...ha ha.
  6. by   susannyc
    It will be about 2 years, if you take one course at a time. That's what I'm doing.
  7. by   stressgal
    My BSN was conferred in October with Chamberlain, took me just over 12 months to complete. I took on average 2 classes per session. I found them a dream to work with, very professional, quick to respond, and very few issues. You will write many papers if completing your BSN online. All APA format, you can buy an APA manual to guide you through. There are also computer formatting programs but I found them cumbersom. Most times you can have papers reviewed prior to submission by the instructor, professor or classmates. I appreciated the fact that there were few, I think one, group project. Good luck with whatever program you decide to attend. Getting my BSN was a wonderful process and learning experience.
  8. by   susannyc
    Thanks for posting the above. I'm currently in my 3rd class with Chamberlain, Eng 135. How were the math classes? I'm trying to test out of one, Math 092, so that I'll just have to take Algebra and Statistics. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  9. by   stressgal
    I can't comment on the math courses. I had completed statistics at a local University as I was working on my ADN and did not need to take any math courses.
  10. by   wareagle31
    Are any of you having any problems with states accepting the online programs? I am looking at the RN-BSN program with Chamberlain...and I am a bit concerned that Georgia will not recognize the program... ??? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
  11. by   blueheaven
    Depends on the program. From what I understand if it is CCNE and/or NLN accredited there should be no problem. You didn't say if you were going from like a CNA to RN or BSN. School with the most problems I have heard is Excelsior. Check with the BON in your state prior to enrolling in a program.

    I'm already a RN and just getting my BSN.
  12. by   wareagle31
    Thanks for the reply...I'm an RN...19 yrs now! I am just looking into doing the online thing...Was curious if anyone has had any issues! Thanks for the advice!
  13. by   babynurse73
    Hello everyone. This info has been very helpful! Thanks! Im thinking of doing Chamberlain, Kent State, Univ of Saint Mary, or Sacred Heart.....this is such a big decision!!! Any comments on any of these programs would be greatly appreciated!
  14. by   MaddieRN
    I too am wondering about Chamberlain. If I do the fast track online but do not need all of the courses, as I have taken a few elsewhere, can I simply pick as many or as few as I want per session? I know there are not clinicals but what are the learning experiences that I have heard mentioned? I'm wondering if they are community health projects, working with a preceptor, etc? Any information would be greatly appreciated!