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  1. Our hospital is asking for volunteers(so far) to get vaccinated with smallpox to be on a "Team" in case of outbreak. As the first vaccinated we would be on the frontline to care for those exposed or ill.We will most likely be required to be vaccinated in ayear or so when they come out for hospital workers anyhow. Is it better to do it now, since we may have to anyhow later. I like the concept of the team but I am scared of the vaccine. The MMR vaccine I tooke before nursing school made me sick as sh@t for 2 days (but didn't kill me!)
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  3. by   litepath
    I've wondered the same ever since they started talking about it a few months post antrax thingy. At first, I thought,'there ain't no way'! But lately, i'm inclined to do it. from all the reading i have done around the web, including govt sites and plenty of others, i have a feeling that they may know or certainly may be privy to resons for beginning this innoculaiton. So, I'm up for it, as of now as a result.

  4. by   c.wicks
    Below is the image in its original context on the page: smallpox.html
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    Well, my workplaces both asked for volunteers, too. As I have some skin patches that look like eczema (and that is one of the contraindications) I declined. Might be a little braver if I wasn't married - doesn't feel right taking the chance for both of us.
  6. by   catrn10
    OK, I got vaccinated in the 1963 and again in 1975. Now I have a patch of dry skin that might be eczema, I don't know. Exactly how many times in their lifetime does one need this vaccine? I'm not sure I want another little round scar on my arm anyway. Can you have a titer drawn first?