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I thought it would be fun to share those crazy things pt say/do that just make you roll your eyes and say "HUH?" Here's mine. We have a patient who is allergic to the "round" tylenol, but... Read More

  1. by   PrivateDuty
    Working with alzheimers pts you hear all kinds of crazy things, but the best I think I have ever heard was from a proper little lady who came to me one time and whspered, "See that woman there?" I looked up to see aother pt. walking down the hallway and said yes. The lady whispered again and said, "she's a prostitute." When I ask why she said that she promptly said "see that sign, it says she charges $200. The "sign" she was refering to was the hall markr for the 200 hall.:roll I couldn;t help but laugh.
  2. by   EmmaG
    Had a little old lady who came in on a regular basis for transfusion due to chronic anemia. The reason for her chronic anemia is that waaaay back in the '50's, she was told she had an ulcer and to go on a diet of whole milk. Problem is, that doc never told her to stop.

    So that is what she did. For all those years. Nothing but milk. Ever. And to top it off, she took all her meds rectally. ALL of them, whether they were in rectal/suppository form or not.
  3. by   EmmaG
    Quote from HappyICVRN
    After years of working in the ER I think this is the best I have ever heard. After giving pt IV anti-emetics and or pain medication, the pt would call me to the room requesting more medication because "I threw up the other medicine. " Took a while to convince the pt that the medication that was injected IV did in no way end up in their stomach. It happened with more than one pt in more than one hospital.
    Reminds me of recently when I argued for over a half-hour with a patient who insisted that his foley wasn't draining properly (it was, btw) because he'd thrown up. He was convinced the urine had backed up and caused him to spew. He kept insisting I call the doc at 3 am to tell him this; I was so frustrated... drawing diagrams on the board, waving my hands in the air. I finally just said 'I PROMISE YOU! YOU ARE NOT THROWING UP URINE!'

    He never did believe me... but my co-workers got a kick out of the exchange.