crash/ emergency carts

  1. We are a 48 bed free standing/ not hosp affiliated LTC. Typically we have one RN and one LPN.

    What type of emergency/ crash carts do you have?? What do you have on them? Any P&P for them?

    Right now, I have a little cart that I put together. I have on O2 tank, tubing, masks, suction equiptment, suction machine(unless its borrowed and not replaced, basic dressings, tape, gloves, gown, protective mask, mini CPR board, ambu bag. I keep it covered and marked with the items in it, and check it once a week when I work. I've be caught to many times with out supplies...

    Any one care to share. any info would help

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  3. by   Coldfoot
    How about oral and/or nasal airways? You can get plastic breakable seals that you can seal the cart with. This will tell you at a glance if things have been removed and may deter people from swiping stuff off the crash cart. Usually most crash carts include Defib, ET setup, and ACLS drugs but sounds like this would be out of your scope there. Also something to consider is does having even a minimal crash cart open you facility up for any additional liability? I only mention this because somewhere in my travels I was told the reason a facility didn't have....something was because it would cause more liability and 911 was the appropriate intervention. Just my 2 cents.
  4. by   Reabock
    What about IV supplies or don't you have the capabilities there? Or does that enter into the liability thing mentioned above?