CPSI Electronic charting system

  1. We currently have MEDITECH for our hospital computer system, but are looking at other systems. Has anyone had any experience with CPSI computer system for a hospital?
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  3. by   Jullydjen
    Yeah, it's awful! Our hospital went from Meditech to CPSI, and it's like we took a huge leap backward. It makes even simple tasks cumbersome by making you click multiple screens to do just one thing. Also, each screen loads so slow that I want to rip my hair out when I do my flowcharts. It takes > 5 sec to load each page on the flow charts! Doesn't seem bad till you consider that each flow has about 5-20+ pages, each patient requires at least 3 flows, and we each have 7-9 patients.
  4. by   Jullydjen
    When we went "live" with CPSI, our hospital had a whole team of "superusers" to help transition the hospital into CPSI. They took over where CPSI left off. The reps from CPSI came to our hosp for a few weeks first to hold classes for all of the staff on how to use the system, then they went to all of the units and just kind of stood by to be available for us to ask questions and get help as needed throughout the first few weeks. The superusers were staff nurses with a little extra CPSI instruction.
    Our hospital does not have an informatics nurse. We still have CPSI issues frequently. things have to be tweaked to fit the way our facility actually functions. CPSI is def not user friendly, or easy to learn. This is not a use right out of the box system.
  5. by   djbaker73
    Our hospital is currently in the implementation stage with CPSI. I know that IT is upgrading our wireless system and doing a thorough evaluation of all hardware, etc. Are you using wireless when you are experiencing lags? Who was responsible for and now maintains your flow charts and eForms? Thanks!
  6. by   tokmom
    I started at a facility this last July that uses meditech. Since computer charting was new to me (having been out for awhile) it's the only thing I know. Travelers come to work at our hospital and say it's an ancient system. I guess there are worse systems out there.
  7. by   djbaker73
    This will be our first time for electronic charting as well. I'm hoping that we're making all of the correct moves ahead of time to assure that we will have it functioning at it's best!