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My husband tells me that one of his co-workers has a daughter who just graduated from nursing school with ADN. The father claims she is starting at a large city hospital on a cardiac unit at $32... Read More

  1. by   dphrn
    I worked in St. Louis at a large teaching hospital last year. I worked what they called "week-end option" (at least two 12 hour shifts every week-end) and made $43.50 an hour. I am sure it is possible to make $32 an hour with all the different incentives hospitals can offer for the shifts that are hard to cover. It's easy to say how much we make an hour but then leave out the terrible hours we must work to get that wage!
  2. by   niksemtmom
    It may be possible, but it may also be an overnight with a shift differential. I just got hired on a telemetry unit and after I get my RN I will be working the overnight shift and make $29 an hour, (only $26 before shift differential) but while I am orientating and before I get my RN it is only $16 an hour. The hospital is union, so I will also not have to pay for my benefits, just my union dues which are $40 every pay check, which is still cheaper than paying for benefits.