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Okay, this is a segue from furball's 'am I the only one' thread... So most of us dodge our family members when it comes to medical advice....and we all know that giving medical advice is legally... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    And do I ever hear you about the vitamin/"all natural" supplements JeannieM! I shudder to think what some people are mixing together between suplements and prescription meds. The general public is so clueless, and I hate to say, so are quite a few of my colleagues! The safe and all natural labeling should be changed to WARNING: MIX THIS WITH OTHER SUBSTANCES (HERBAL OR PRESCRIPTION) AND YOU CAN BLEED TO DEATH AND KILL YOU LIVER!!!!!
    You guys are so right.....people think herbs and 'natural' health supplement products are safe.... and of course more is better....I try to tell them treat these like a medication and MAKE SURE you tell your health care provider what you take.....

    Had coworkers taking these OTC 'natural' diet products and coming to work wired like speed freaks.