Contemplating job change but, dang it, I'm scared! HELP!

  1. Sorry, I know this is not a new subject but I really need my Allnurses' friends' support!!

    I've worked the same job (RN on geri rehab floor) for four years, mostly part-time pms and PRN days. I started right out of school and have no other experience. I went part-time to be able to stay home with my kids, which I do not regret.

    However.... my skill base is severely lacking and certain experiences have caused me to really doubt my judgment skills. Deep down, I know I could be a good nurse, but I have no supervisory skills, I don't have many technical skills that I would need for a hospital, which is a major reason for the job change. I want to learn them but I'm so afraid that my lack of self-confidence will cause a major oversight and harm my patients.

    I love nursing but I'm not one to handle confrontation well or stand my ground, unless I'm sure of myself, which is less and less.
    Especially, now that I have four years behind me, my co-workers will expect so much more and I will really be the equivalent of a new grad!

    Thanks for listening and if you have any experiences or advice to share, my appreciative ears are open.:kiss
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  3. by   travelbug
    Don't hesitate to do what your heart is telling you. I't is scary to change jobs but if your honest with yourself and your prospective employers they will see that your willing to learn new things and that alone will open doors for you. I've done this myself and have travel nursed from Me. to Hawaii. Figure out what your interest is and research the area well so your sure and then go for it. You may have to take some courses but it will be worth it in the end. I never regretted doing what I did and I'm no spring chicken either (just determined, ha) All the best, let me know if I can help further.
  4. by   sjoe
    Talk to a registry or an agency or two and see what they have to say about your prospects and opportunities.
  5. by   charissa
    I moved from a small hospital to a big one and from general floor to Burn ICU all in one jump, and I have not regretted it yet. It was scary, I was afraid other nurses might think I wasnt good enough or skilled enough or that I didnt have the experience i needed to be competent there. But it has been great, and even though I am still nervous about my new and more critical environment I am proueder of myself everyday, and not for just suviving, for loving it and flourishing. Take that leap, learn, and you will be happy with yourself and proud of what you can learn and do
  6. by   Cheyenne RN,BSHS
    Hi. I know how threatening it feels to have to change jobs, especially if you have been in one for a long time as you have.

    Remember how frightened you felt graduating from nursing school and taking boards and even "getting " that first job? You learned the things that you needed then, and you will be able to do it now.

    Just tell them when you interview that you will need to gain experience in some areas that are new to you. You will do just great!

    Good luck.