1. My frames recently broke again in the same spot so I'm wearing contacts everyday. I'm not used to it so sometimes it gets irritated especially in the top spot of my left eye (which suffers from slight astigmatism).

    I'm going to see if it needs to be changed but I was wondering for all the people out there with contacts, does it take a while to get used to wearing them? Also, my eyes seem to dry out a lot and I need to use eyedrops. Is that also normal?
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  3. by   dansamy
    Both reactions are normal. It took me a long time to adjust to my 1st pair of contacts. I went thru loads of rewet drops.
  4. by   LesJenRN
    There are so many types of lenses out there these days. There are ones especially for astigmatism and also for dry eyes..... A good doc will try you out on various lenses to find the most comfortable ones for your situation. You might need one type for the right eye and another type for the left eye and so on. There is no reason these days for lenses to be uncomfortable once you get used to them. I use weekly disposables which are very thin and comfortable. The longer you wear lenses the more minerals that build up on them which can make them feel bumpy and uncomfortable.....
  5. by   *Peanut*Vennie*
    i recently got my first pair of contacts, and the first week at work, was the worst. since the air is so dry, but once your eyes adjust to them, you almost forget that you have them on. i have the new night and day lenses, and from what ive heard, and from wearing them, theyre really comfortable
  6. by   Achoo!
    my eyes were so dry I had to get punctum plugs, but once I did it helped alot with the dryness and I can now wear contacts.
  7. by   LauraF, RN
    When I wear my contacts I need lots of rewetting drops and Lord help me if I am having a bad allergy day. Usually I'll just wear glasses on those days.
  8. by   Jailhouse RN
    Contacts are cool and make things easier for those who need them. How ever if you are a Corrections Nurse working in a state facility where "gas" is used for riot control or cell extraction contacts are a very bad idea. The gas is actually a fine powder disiminated with talcom powder by an explosive. These chemicals can get under a contact lens and do very serious and perminant corneal damage. I love to see a persons eyes especially the ladies so take care.