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I started a new job last week in a hospice. My job description grows by the minute. I am in charge of admitting all patients and continued care of them, HR, QI, Intake, all on call, all weekend,... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    Yep Jnette they are really desperate. I found out today that the previous person in the position walked out. I told my super I would sleep on it but that I felt my resignation would stand. She wants me to give it the full 90 days...........

    Thanks for caring about me,

  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    Renerian - I would not even consider working for these people after what you have said of their level of expectations. Don't even THINK about rescinding your resignation. The mere fact that they expect you to be on call ALWAYS should be enough of a red flag.

    Not meaning to come across harshly - but this fly-by-night operation is no place to risk your licensure. They are clearly looking for a doormat, not a nurse.
  3. by   renerian
    Thanks Ratched. I am going in this morning to resign......a big hug of thanks to all of you who have helped me with your caring thoughts.

  4. by   RNinICU
    Originally posted by renerian
    Hoolahan I wondered if since I know my staff is supposed to have them and they do I at risk for legal action by not buying them?

    My boss just emailed me and said she would get them next week. She also said she would pay for some of the seminars but that on call 24/7 qd was still required.....

    Sounds like they are trying to pacify you without making any real commitments. Glad you are leaving this place.
  5. by   renerian
    I did resign this morning. Thanks to all of you for being so helpful.

  6. by   JonRN
    GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you got away from that house of horrors. I have also tried out jobs like that. I worked about 4 days one place and they wanted me to give 2 weeks notice. I told the mgr. if she would shut up about the notice, I would finish the day, but if I heard any more about the notice I was leaving now. She shut up.

  7. by   renerian funny is that! Good for you.......
    My boss told me they cancelled the start of my orientation as they were to busy to do it. she told me I needed to be more of a self starter and she had real concerns cause I told her I needed a P&P manual at the agency and I wanted a copy of the regs....

    That is when I left,

  8. by   sanbob1
    I worked as a Nurse in VNA for 16 years. Every year the paper work increased & the pt. load increased. They did hire nurses to do on-call from 4p-8a & we had a union so the pay was quite good. I only worked weekends about every 6-8 weeks. They had per diems that did just weekends. They supplied all the equipmendt & paid for inservices. Had most holidays off & 4 weeks vacaton every year.

    I finally had enough of the stress from never having the paper work done etc. & quit. I do private duty now. Very little paper work & not too much stress. We moved to FL. & live in a town where most of the population can afford 24 hr. care. I have been on the same case for three years now. Boring at times but I would rather be bored than stressed at this point in my life!
  9. by   sjoe
    renerian--glad you got out. And you made it easy to see how exploiting employers can get you to doubt yourself, to make you think it is YOUR fault that you can't do YOUR JOB.

    On call 24/7 is for small business OWNERS, not for employees.

    No doubt this employer is now complaining that they "just can't find a nurse good enough to do this job, no matter how hard they try to find one."

    sanbob1--doing home health used to appeal to me as well, but spending in excess of 90% of your time doing paperwork (much of which simply repeats the same information already entered on other paperwork) just didn't make it for me. A friend who also had a part time, night shift job at the jail did ok, as he'd bring his home care paperwork to this job and complete it there during the 6 hours or so of downtime he could count on. Otherwise, he'd be doing it for free.

    It was the same situation working as a psych charge nurse, except that was about 95% paperwork--nearly all of which was completely pointless.
  10. by   renerian
    Joe you got it on the paperwork. Thanks all of you for responding. I thought about private duty......

  11. by   renerian
    Well today I had it out with my new boss. She told me I needed to be more of a "self starter" when I told her since I was not getting an orientation, that I needed a copy of the P&P manual they keep in the parent office,, and a copy of the regs. She also told me there was a hiring freeze since over the last several months they lost money and that since the majority of there clients are in nursing homes (using the hospice mediare bene) when they needed something or died the staff there take care of it so we did not need to make a visit. I know enough to know hospice supposed to go see a patient when the die for crying out loud!!!!!!!!! Needless to say she said they were to busy to start my orientation at the parent office this week and I was on my own. I told her no honey your on you own and turned in my timesheet, badge, cell and keys. I already was hired at a SNF one mile from my home, 8 hour days, no on call, as good a pay rate as the hospital. Small 70 bed home. Now I will be paid for every hour I work....................thanks everyone for listening to my rantings....

  12. by   renerian
    Sorry for the typos on the previous post.......

  13. by   rebelwaclause
    You really have to have nursing in your veins to stay. No wonder why there is a nursing shortage and high turnover right now. I've been considering leaving myself. I still may - But for now this is it!

    Good luck in your negotiations!