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I started a new job last week in a hospice. My job description grows by the minute. I am in charge of admitting all patients and continued care of them, HR, QI, Intake, all on call, all weekend,... Read More

  1. by   hoolahan

    OSHA regulations state that the employer MUST provide personal protective equipment. I know this for a fact from working as an Infection control nurse for a short time. It was just at the time when the bloodbourne pathogen reg's were going into effect. So, I had the whole gov't document, and interpreted it into the hospital's P&P.

    GO in an have a meeting with the top dogs. Have a list of your denads. IF they do not meet your demands, have your resiugnation in hand. Since you only started a week ago, you technically probably have not even earned any vacation time, and really could resign effective immediately. But, give a minimum of 2 weeks if you want to do it right.

    Thier demands are simply ridiculous. Did you ask about on-call in your interview?

    At least for the next job you will know exactly what to ask!!

    I agree, don't leave nursing, just get a decent job in it. How about case manager for an insurance co? They love HH nurses.
  2. by   jnette
    gosh, Renerian.. i am SOOOOOOOOO sorry !!! What a total bummer for you! I was appalled at what I read ! I'd ask them if you really LOOK that stupid as to fall for that! And just who do they think they are, anyway! Yes, as stated above, THEY must provide the PPE and they are responsible for conferences, not you!
    I know you were really excited about this one. What a bunch of baloney! Don't quit nursing, though.. you've got too much to give. Have you considered the Children's Hosp. that Ohio Mom2Boys wrote you about? Perhaps you want to contact her and discuss the possibilities...?
    Whatever you do, take your time coming to a decision.. and the best of everything to you!

    Keep us posted, and here's lots of ((( )))s, ok?

    Love ya ! :kiss
  3. by   renerian
    Thanks Ladies for all your support. I did send my resume to apply for a case manager job and I did apply on line at Childrens in Columbus. My boss is trying to talk me out of it now.....

  4. by   jnette
    Be CAREFUL !!! Know what you want from THEM this time ! Don't settle for anything less, and get it in writing ! Take it home and review all the fine print first ! ( that's IF you decide to stick with them..but after that initial bad taste in your mouth, I would surely wonder... Hope you find what's RIGHT for you !
  5. by   shannonRN
    sorry to hear that your new wonderful job, didn't turn out to be so wonderful after all. i wouldn't quit nursing because of this experience. think of everything that you have learned from it....just find a new job with a written job description. good luck!!!
  6. by   fedupnurse
    BAIL!!!!!!!!! STAT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   renerian
    Thanks everyone for your input......................the director is emailing and calling me trying to get me to change my mind.

  8. by   JonRN
    I agree with the majority on this one. But try to stay in nursing if possible. If you are interested in a job working at home with your
    PC and phone where you can work as many or as few hrs as you want, PM me. Only drawback=no benefits, independent contractor deal. I think case mgmt. would be good, get away from bedside nursing for a while, get the bad taste outta your mouth.

  9. by   Sleepyeyes

    I'm you'll you'll land on your feet, whatever you decide!

    and FIE! on those bad people!!!
  10. by   Cubby
    Originally posted by Just Angi
    That sounds absolutely horrible. Does that happen a lot with nursing jobs? Please tell me this is not normal. I haven't finished school yet. That is not normal-----Is it??
    They always tell me "the extra duties you have been given are listed on your evaluation as ' .. and duties as assigned.' This covers alot of ground. Also means you have to do EVERYTHING they tell say. Yep. It sucks. But I still could not imagine myself doing anything else. I guess I am addicted.:stone
  11. by   hoolahan
    Good idea jnette, renerian, ask this employer, and any future employer to see a job description. I think that is some kind of labor law too, that you have to see a job description. I would personally report them to OSHA. Unbelieveable that they won't supply PPE!!
  12. by   renerian
    Hoolahan I wondered if since I know my staff is supposed to have them and they do I at risk for legal action by not buying them?

    My boss just emailed me and said she would get them next week. She also said she would pay for some of the seminars but that on call 24/7 qd was still required.....

  13. by   jnette
    SOME of them? I would press her for more specifics... just what does SOME of them mean? Which ones? The cheap ones, closest to home? No, no.....ALL of them, Renerian ! They must give you specifics, not vague statements which they can then change at will.
    They sound pretty desparate to me..makes me wonder how many other applicants for the position they tried to hoo-doo. Any idea who had the position before you? Might be worth talking to that person first....
    I'd also make sure that ALL the proper and required PPE will be available at ALL times and provided by them CONTINUOUSLY!
    And I would negotiate the 24/7 on call as well...if you don't feel you're being properly compensated (salary for God knows how many hours you may have to put in at all times of the night.. EVERY night..consider family time, special occasions you will have to sacrifice..) the compensation should be appropriate !
    Take your time, LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS, write it down, come to an agreement if you can, have the agreement in writing, then take a week or two to mull things over before giving an answer. Don't rush into this one ! CAUTION ! CAUTION ! CAUTION !