Confused and could really use some advice from current nurses!

  1. Okay here is my dilemma..

    I am 21 years old and graduated with my BA in Human Development in May 2007. I decided I didnt want any jobs in that field (teaching, social work, etc) so decided nursing sounded like something I would love to do. Right now I am taking prereqs for nursing schools, and will be finished by Summer 2008 and ready to apply to schools.

    My dilemma is whether to get a Bachelors or a Masters. I really cannot see myself doing any type of leadership role in nursing now, which a masters degree would prepare me for, but I have had many people tell me to go for a masters while I am young and dont have kids and that I will thank myself later when I may want to move up the career ladder.

    Right now, though, an accelerated bachelors program sounds soo much better since it only takes about 12-15 months and I could be out there nursing and making money asap.

    To get a masters I would either have to do an Accelerated masters program or get a bachelors first, then do a masters either full time or just part time for like 3 more years while I work as an RN.

    I am tired of going to school and cannot justify myself getting my masters when I cant even see myself in a position where I would need one!

    I have no financial support from my family and already have 15,000 in loans from my 1st bachelors. I am just waitressing now while doing prereq's so I wont be able to save any money for school. All the masters programs around my area (northern ca) are expensive and I couldnt work while doing school so I would have thousands of dollars of loans to pay off once I'm done with school.

    I really dont want to go to school forever so my question is.. would I really regret not getting my masters now? Or is it OK to just get my bachelors? Please help, I'm really torn up about this issue! Everyone keeps telling me to get my masters but I am tired of going to school and just want to start working asap!

    Sorry this is so long, but thanks for reading, your advice is really appreciated! :spin:

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  3. by   leslie :-D
    personally, i think going for your bsn, would be more than adequate at this time.
    if, down the road, you start perusing the meaning and satisfaction of your nsg career, you can then consider your masters.
    at least you'd be able to continue working as an rn, while going to grad school.

    best of everything.

  4. by   kristen929
    Personally, I say you should just get your BSN for now. You can go pretty far with a bachelor's. Ive been an Assistant Nurse Mananger and Manager with just a BSN. I think where the Master's comes into play is if you want to go into administration or something like that. Plus, there's different kinds of Master's programs....Health Care Administration, Nurse Practitioner, Education, etc.

    I think it helps to get out there and start working and then decide based on your experience if you'd like to pursue that career path.

    Just my two cents.....
  5. by   txpixiedust
    Hi Rayna,

    I think a BSN is more than enough to start your Nursing career. The MSN programs here (although maybe the programs in your area don't) require that you work as a RN for at least one year before getting into the MSN program.

    Also, like one of the other posters said, you'll need to decide what type of MSN you want - do you want to be NP? If so do you want to specialize in Family Practice, Women & Children, etc. or do you want a MSN in Education so that you can teach nursing students? I think it's a good idea, required or not, to work a little before you put even more time & money into a MSN program. Here in DFW, there is a MSN in Education that you can get completely on-line, and it only takes 1 year full time (or up to 5 years part-time).

    Whatever you do - it should be what you feel is right for YOU!!!:spin: I don't have a MSN, but from what I've heard other people say, it's "easier "to get the MSN than the BSN - at that point you've learned a lot about Nursing, know how to study for Nursing exams, can critically think,etc...

    Good Luck & God Bless!
  6. by   txpixiedust
    I forgot to mention you should look into getting ANY type of job (although a Nurse Assistant job would be great for hands on care) in a Hospital that has tuition reimbursment. Most hospitals will pay for some or all of your Nursing school, with the stipulation that you sign a contract to work with them after you've graduated. I had friends in Nursing school that were required to "up" their contract with each semester of reimbursement - usually a promise to work 6 mo. for every semester of tuition. If you break your agreement, you'd be required to pay them back.

    Anyhow, hope we've helped you!
  7. by   raynbabe07
    Thanks soo much everyone for replying so fast! I have been so stressed over what I should do, because I have had a lot of people try to talk me into getting my masters, including my twin sis, and I really dont want to!

    My sister and I have to always agree on everything and it seems like we always talk each other into doing whatever we want to do, so we end up doing the same thing. Now though, I think that if she really wants to take the extra time and money to do a masters, good for her, but I think a Bachelors should be good enough for me!

    All your input has helped tons, it's good to hear from other people that I'm not making the wrong decision and ruining my career haha.

    Its also nice to know that it IS possible to just get my masters later in life if I really do want to do something other than bedside nursing and be in some type of management position. Right now though thats not something I can see myself ever wanting to do!
  8. by   santhony44
    I have a Master's and don't discourage education, but I agree with the other posters; get the BSN first and then think about the Masters later on down the road when you have a lot better idea what you want to do with one. You can't just get a generic Master's degree, it is specialized, and you aren't ready to do that just yet.

    Good luck to you!
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    Accelerated BSN. Hands down. You can do a master's on-line, and figure out if you really like nursing before you commit.
  10. by   KJB_65
    Absolutely get the BSN. Masters is just not necessary right now. If it's your ultimate goal later in life, then do it then. You can take your time, go part-time at that point and get some of your debt paid off. I'm 42 and am getting ready to start a RN-MSN program. I'm glad I waited. Good luck to you.
  11. by   RN1989
    You will have a much easier time getting an MSN if you have practical clinical experience as a RN first.
  12. by   SakredStrega
    I agree with the others.... do the BSN
  13. by   Miss Mab
    Hmmmmm...... I think you'd be fine w/either, however, let me throw this out:

    Financial aid is generally much more available for graduate students than for 2nd degree bachelor's. Many of my classmates learned that one the hard way. Also, many accelerated or direct entry MSN programs do the 1 year or 14 month BSN and then allow a step out year before continuing on w/the MSN portion so as to get that real world experience after initial licensure. Some don't even grant the actual BSN but allow to sit for NCLEX after year 1 and then practice before coming back. Some people finish that first portion and then just don't go back if it's not their thing--but thing is you are guaranteed an MSN spot from the get go if it is for you. (UCSF and U of Rochester are two that come to mind.)

    I had the same dilemma and go into both types of programs but ultimately chose ABSN because I received a scholarship for that program that wouldn't cover the MSN programs. (Turns out good thing because my fickle self is already off on something else)

    Anyway, you'd be fine professionally w/ any entry point but just another idea of why repeat a bachelor's when in basically the same time you'd be halfway to MSN w/option to just stop.

    Good luck!

    PS. I HIGLY echoe the sentiment of getting some hospital experience before you commit to doing any program. Maybe shadow a few different professionals in varied health care roles to solidify where your desires, talents and ambition truly lie.
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  14. by   time4meRN
    I would say go for your BSN first. Be sure you like nursing before you invest a lot of money into the feild. It seems there are so many new nurses that go through school and for some reason surprised at how hard the job is after they graduate. Besides, I'm all for learning the skill of nursing before you go to any sort of management or teaching postition. You can make good money while getting your msn.