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Has anyone ever had problems with compazine iv? I can't tell the whole story here due to everyone knowing everyone else in this small town and hospital. Thanks in advance.... Read More

  1. by   kss0740
    I was prescribed compazine when I was 20 years old after oral surgery (pills, not IV). After the first dose, it felt like my jaw was clinching and I could not close my teeth correctly (as if my jaw was some how out of line). I could not sleep that whole night (I never have probs sleeping) and felt really restless and uncomfortable. Then my vision blurred a few hours later, I became confused. My body felt like it was freezing up and I got pretty freaked out. My head was stuck in this weird, bent back position and I could not move my arms or legs. I called my mother and she took me to the ER right away. I sat wheelchair bound in the ER waiting room for over two hours and was eventually taken back by a really sweet nurse who helped me right away. I overheard her having some choice words with triage nurses at the front desk for not sending me back sooner since my problem was a quick fix and I had to sit there in pain for hours. She gave me a benedryl IV and I felt better almost immediately. My poor parents sure got quite the scare! Not a fun experience!! No more compazine for me.
  2. by   bigsyis
    Quote from TazziRN
    Other than a dystonic reaction, I've never seen a problem. In all my years I've only seen a handful of those. Easily cured with Benadryl or Cogentin.
    My experience is the same as Tazzi's. It is a great medication for nausea, and is also good to potentiate narcotics.