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Wondering how nurse salaries are comparing as a whole across the nation. Are you paid more for having a BSN or Masters as compared to those with an ASN degree? I am writing from Florida where our... Read More

  1. by   Gennaver
    Quote from rollingstone
    Hello friends, I'm a cardiovascular nurse with 11 years of experience.

    After 11 years in this profession we made the choice to start traveling full time. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity. God bless to all.
    Hello Rollingstone,

    My husband and I were looking at fifth wheel travel trailers last night and discussing how to work out our future.

    He will retire early in about five years and I should be complete with my RN/MSN by then and we where talking about me taking travel nursing jobs. This fifth wheel trailer thing and travel nursing seems great.

    I have become very interested in this idea. I am still interested in community health and am not sure how travel nursing could do this yet.

    Also, I was interested in Wisconsin nursing but, when I looked into the hospitals in the area, (near Baraboo) the pay didn't seem comparable to what I have heard around here, (Chicago area).

    Any travel nursing information would be greatly welcomed!!
  2. by   CV_LVN
    Here in the Houston, TX area....

    New-Grad LVN
    Hospital - 14.00/hr
    Nursing Home - 17-18/hr

    New-Grad RN
    Hospital - 22.00/hr
    Nursing Home - 18-20/hr

    I'm an LVN with 8 months experience, my base right now is $18.00, with 1.75 evening diff, and 2.25 night diff, with $4.00/hr bonus pay. I'm float pool which means I don't get benefits....RN float pool is something around $30.00/hr base with 2.75 evening diff and 3.75 night diff with $5.00/hr bonus!If I was still full-time I would be $14.30 base with all same diff's and bonus. This is in a pretty large hospital on a step down CCU/cardiac floor.
  3. by   Va rebelnurse
    I graduated LPN school in July. At the hospital where I took my first job, the salary for new grad LPNs was $11.33 an hour. Shift diff for LPNs is the same at nursing assistants- $1 an hour after 6 pm and $1.80 hourly on weekends. I left that job for LTC where my base rate is $14.45 plus $4.00 shift diff for 3-11. On weekends, the shift diff is $5.50. No wonder that all my classmates who also took jobs in the hospital have already left or are in the process of finding other jobs. RN new grads start out around $17 in the same hospital.
  4. by   zenman
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    Good thing you don't fart!
  5. by   zenman
    $38.66 base
    $1.00 charge
    $2.00 pm shift
    $4.00 weekend
    No tips!
  6. by   zacarias
    21.41 base pay
    3 for night diff.
    3 for weekend diff.
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    At my last two jobs in my town, LVNs were paid $11.00 an hr. LVNs who had been at the job for years made as much as $12./hr.
    RNs, be it diploma, ADN or BSN, all started at $20./hr. At my last job, all raises for all staff have been frozen for the last year and a half. Any RN who has gotten a raise has never gotten more than 60 cents an hour. The cost of living is high where I live.

    I have been a nurse for 12 years and worked in 2 states. I have mostly worked nocs, and have never gotten a shift diff greater than $1.50/hr.
    Weekend diff at my last job was $1./hr, charge diff was $1./hr. No shift diff last several jobs.

    Now, I travel and am making almost double my previous wage, plus expenses.
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  8. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from lady_jezebel
    I disagree. Since LPNs work under an RNs license in addition to their own, thus opening up the overseeing RN to lawsuits/liability, the RN should be paid more. Period. I won't work with LPNs for any amount of pay -- even though many are excellent practitioners, I don't want to be responsible for another person's clinical decisions.

    Excellent post, Lady Jezebel.

    I was an LPN for seven years and have been an RN for five years.

    I can definitely tell the difference between LPN responsibilies and RN responsibilities. Being an RN carries much more responsiblity, accountability, and pressure.

    But, I feel all nurses should be paid more.
  9. by   chrissy_leigh
    I am a new grad in California. I work at a women's hospital. Base pay is 27/hr for new grads, with a ladder system based on years experience. Night shift diff 4/hr. BSN pay is 50 cents more and hour. All that change goes a long ways towards paying off my student loans.... we are also unionized here.
  10. by   NurseCard
    Two years ago, I started out at 16.50, base.

    Evening shift was 3.00 more/hr.
    Night shift was 2.00 more.
    Weekend shift was, I think an extra 1.00 more.
    Charge nurse, another 1.00 more.
    Reassignment pay is 4.00 more.
    "Premium pay", or coming in on you night off... 7.00 more.

    Now I make mmm... about 19.75 base.