Codes in a Nursing Home ~ Question

  1. i just got hired as 11-7 charge nurse in a ltc facility. as the don was giving me a tour of the building during my interview, she said that if a patient is a full code and codes, and we start cpr and get hold of the doctor and they don't respond to any meds, that i have the authority to stop the code. i need to ask her about this, i know, but right now i am questioning it. i thought, if someone is a code, even if you come upon them stiff and cold you code them. i don't think i would feel comfortable stopping a code. i think i would code them and call the ambulance and let them get to er where there is a doctor and let him make the decision. does this sound hinky to you all?
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    You might tell her there were some things about that you were unclear on, and ask her to show you the NH Policy & Procedure book. The official policy should be in there.
  4. by   BadBird
    This sounds odd to me, I agree that I would call an ambulance, I would make sure code status's on all patients are up to date and possible rewrite the policy. Does your facility have a defibrillator and all code drugs?
  5. by   soundsLikesirens
    As far as I know they have a crash cart and backboard but no defib.
  6. by   duckie
    The facility I work at has a crash cart with no drug or defib. Our job is to start CPR and activate EMS. Our policy is that if a person is a code and we find them stiff and blue, no CPR is started. Get a clearer look at your policy. I might add that EMS is right beside our building so they are there in a flash!!